Constellations Align in Ottawa

With the 2006 Ottawa International Animation Festival only days away, we’re getting a sneak preview. Each year at OIAF, one of world’s premiere animation festivals, 2 show ideas are pitched in front of a panel of broadcasters as part of a program called PITCH THIS! In attendance are “potential buyers, financiers, partners and industry gurus.”

This year, Dainty Productions, the production company founded by Chris Dainty (‘The Ren and Stimpy Show’) and Jessica Borutski (‘I Like Pandas‘) are delivering a 10 minute pitch for their show called ‘The Constellations.’ The show “is about four best friends who visit us from the stars. By night they light up the sky as star constellations but by day they turn into their ‘mythical constellation’ pre-teen girl forms.” The two have been keeping a faithful production blog that features several sketches, layouts, logos and photos of themselves, and below is their pitch clip, which was animated entirely in Flash.

It’s also worth noting that Chris’ Flash-animated short, ‘Emma Graves,’ which can be seen below, will be screening at OIAF on September 24th.

The other pitch being presented this Thursday is titled ‘Jersey Fresh,’ a Flash-animated series created by Stephanie M. Yuhas that follows “the Wiccan Chicken, a tree-hugging, vegetarian pacifist who happens to be the son of the Devil – The New Jersey Devil.”

Good luck to both teams!


  1. Stephen Studios September 18, 2006

    very cool stuff!!

    that constellation pitch was animated so well! its was really great quality flash!


  2. Gene Fowler September 19, 2006

    Love the Constellations art and animation, I love Jesse’s work, quality stuff through and through.

    Good descriptions and original concept. I really think that the title will need to change, you know networks, they’ll want something like “star girlz” or something. Constellations is probably too long and “technical” of a title. IMO.

    While the animated pitch is great, and right to the point, that narrator dude is kinda boring, I mean anything can be improved on right, I’d add SFX and perhaps some voices of sorts. “Hi I’m Picey!” – but I dig it, sometimes not all the stars align to get stuff like that done.

    Emma Graves, is also cool, production values are good, but I was 50 seconds in and was still having trouble figuring what it was all about. – Kick up the pacing! – get to the gravestone sequence alot quicker. Network folks are busy and need to be seduced immediatley. The quicker you grab them the better.

    Voices seem a little muffled, scratch audio I gather, but good animation.

    Just my two cents, what the hell do I know? – I still haven’t sold a show! :o )

  3. wierd, i was expecting it was another short. not some powerpuff resemblance trying to get 4 year old girls to study high tech astronomy to find ”the constellations.” especially considering her new designs on the looney tunes show. lots of new shows are suddenly appearing like phantoms on cartoon network such as ”sidekick” and ”almost naked animals” which i blame with stupidity in a sort of kid friendly resemblance with adult swim shows as ”robot chicken, squid billies, and that dumb doctor show reconized with a retired clown. but, i have actually checked out at least ”almost naked animals” episode when the sister of the main character (whose name escapes me at the moment) went jack crazy with those fizzie drinks and mistaked her identidy for a pirate. which was not so bad really. anyways, ”the constellations” seems like a fail.

  4. i’m not sure how jessica borutski got any money out of this crap! someone should consider a little-something called: ACTUALLY MAKING MONEY OFF REAL ENTERTAINMENT!!!!! her ”i like pandas” and ”the good little bunny with the bad teeth” were not in attempt towards business. what REALLY worked out for jessica was the new looney tunes designs on it’s cartoon network ressurection. this was the smartest idea to have done from the start! looney tunes is something everyone seems familiar with. this ”constellations” was unwelcome in the society where people make modernly reconizable sitcoms fit in. this even appears too girly for girly girls!

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