The First Fatkat Olympics

As announced back in April, Fatkat Animation unveiled the 2006 Fatkat Flash Olympics, which wrapped up last week. I was invited to help judge, and the winners went like this:

Best Animated Series Pitch
Keith Dury for ‘Uncommon Ground’
Dan Helle for ‘Kyle Heckler in Hell’

Best Animated Fatkat Commercial
1st – Melanie Albert for ‘Heaven’

2nd – Jared MacPhee for ‘Brand’

For Best Animated Short
1st – Melanie Albert for ‘The Moonchild’

2nd – Andy Coyle for ‘Bad Kitty and the Invasion of the Star Flies’


  1. i liked the second one for both of them

  2. I. N. J. Culbard September 5, 2006

    bad kitty is ace

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