VanGaalen’s Hand Made Rock

Chad Vangaalen, a musician from Calgary, Alberta, is captain of the DIY (do it yourself). He makes music, animates his own videos and even creates some of the instruments he plays. But now at least he has some help with distribution, as he was picked up by Sub Pop Records.

Check out his Flash-animated video for ‘Flower Gardens’ off of his album titled Skelliconnection:

(an mp3 of this song is available for free at

And another animated video for his song ‘Red Hot Drops:’

Another of his videos ‘Clinically Dead:’

He also found the time to animate a music video for another Sub Pop band, Love as Laughter.


  1. i make music playing everything myself too hehe ;) havent make my own video clips.. yet ;)

    the animation reminds me abit of Bill Plympton

  2. Mike Hollingsworth September 1, 2006

    These videos are hypnotic. the constant morphing and pulsating colors. in fact they’ve hypnotized me into not working for a whole morning while i watched ‘em. ***VanGaalen i am under your command master***

  3. It’s very dynamic animation, the music certainly lends itself to that style. Rock on.

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