Conan Nabs Pale Force for NBC

Jim Gaffigan is the funniest comedian on the planet. I’ve been following his work for years now, and I’ve even created a character in an animated series I’m developing with his voice in mind. Okay, it’s out there. Now we all know I’m extremely biased towards this story, but I’m not alone in thinking he’s funny. Conan O’Brien, the host of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, found Gaffigan’s animated ‘Pale Force’ pilot so funny, he decided to buy the property. It centers on a pair of pale superheroes that fight crime with the fair-skinned powers. Now NBC has ordered 20 Flash-animated episodes of the series, which will air Friday nights on Conan’s show, and on video-enabled Sprint phones.

The series was co-created, directed and and written by Paul Noth, a cartoonist whose work has appeared in the The New Yorker. Jim and Paul teamed up with Kapara, an Israel-based studio, to produced the episode order. Ynetnews in Tel Aviv picked up the story and explained how Kapara ended up working alongside Gaffigan and Noth.

**** UPDATE ****

In fact, the 20 series run of ‘Pale Force’ is being animated by Thomas Smolenski, who worked on ‘Ellen’s Acres’ and ‘Kappa Mikey’ at Animation Collective, and Brett Hall, who both hail from New York.


  1. Paul Noth October 25, 2006

    Hey Aaron. It’s great to see Pale Force featured on Cold Hard Flash. And thanks for mentioning, who did such a great job on the “Pale Impostor” episodes (including the one you posted.)

    To give credit where credit’s due, however, I should mention that the animators working on this series of twenty episodes are Mr. Brett Hall and Mr. Thomas Sebastian “Smo” Smolenski both of Brooklyn, NY. They’re doing amazing work under very tight production schedules.

    Anyway, thanks so much for helping us spread the word and for having such an awesome site.

  2. Anonymous February 22, 2007

    Ellen’s Acres has been canceled

    Sadly, Ellen’s Acres has been canceled by Cartoon Network after only two weeks. If you have not gotten a chance to see the show now’s your chance. You will see that Ellen’s Acres is highly colorful and imaginative for pre schoolers.

    You can watch Ellen’s Acres here:

    You can watch Ellen’s Acres here:

  3. I was wondering what happened to it. My nephew was really getting into all the adventures Ellen imagined for herself in each episode. I recently had to explain to him why Ellen’s Acres had been pulled. I think it’s a mistake. The program mixes fun and education effortlessly. What I liked most was that it showed a girl’s imagination can be exciting and adventurous without seeing a lot of violence. I also liked the animation and the overall upbeat atmosphere the show displays to children.

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