JibJab’s Live-Action Experiment

I know this isn’t an animation story, but it’s a project I’m extremely proud of. Today at JibJab.com, we launched ‘The Great Sketch Experiment,’ a collection of 6 live-action shorts in competition for a $10,000 development deal. We teamed up with John Landis, the director of classics like ‘Animal House’ and ‘Blues Brothers,’ and 6 sketch troupes from around the US. Initially, over 50 troupes were given photos of a stage in downtown LA filled with police sets, including a jail, a courtroom and an interrogation chamber. Their challenge was to write a short, comedy script that fit this environment, and from the dozens of submissions, Landis chose the 6 finalists. Then, over 3 days in September, the films were shot and now they’re online at JibJab.com. You can vote for your favorite, and we’ve even broadcast them on Verizon Wireless‘ V CAST service in the V CAST Showcase channel.

Everyone in our office has their favorite, which I think says volumes about the results of Landis’ direction and the talent of the troupes, and I’m biased towards ‘Shawshank in a Minute.’ It’s a rap-version of the classic 1994 Frank Darabont film ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’ It was written by Erik Weiner and Jordan Allen Dutton, and I somehow ended up playing the role of ‘Heywood’ in a couple shots (thus the bias). I’m hard to miss – just look for the off-balance, tall guy in the blond wig.


  1. Stephen Studios October 20, 2006

    which character is haywood?

  2. Aaron Simpson October 20, 2006

    Heywood was almost killed by Brooks in the library. The JibJab version took liberties with the original piece, and had Brooks threaten Andy with the knife. He’s also the one who mispronounced Alexandre Dumas as ‘Dumb-ass.’ Classic.

  3. wow, thats the best flash I’ve ever seen! ;)

  4. Dagan Moriarty October 21, 2006


    That absolutely RULES!


  5. That was great! Red’s character was the best of all.

    And I like cookies…

  6. Over the top! What a killer competion/opportunity/short.
    Your first bit acting gig slayed me sir! You might be a natural :)
    I think I saw the movie The Bodygaurd done in a minute…no…wait…that was the full movie…never mind.

  7. Anonymous October 23, 2006

    Hey, let’s see how many smiley faces we can fit on one page…..yeah! ;)

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