Nickelodeon’s El Tigre Sneak Peek

Well, well, well. Many months in advance of the 2007 launch of Nickelodeon’s insanely cool new show ‘El Tigre – The Adventures of Manny Rivera,’ we get our first sneak peek. This Flash-animated comedy-adventure series created by husband and wife team Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua looks as good as I’ve anticipated, and it should – they’ve staffed the show with some of the best talent in the industry. I’ve got loads more to share about this show, as I’ve visited the production offices and interviewed Jorge and Sandra – but I’m holding off until launch week. In the meantime, head over to Turbonick or go see Dave Thomas’ blog to see what the storyboard process is like.

Or check out our interview with El Tigre co-creator Jorge Gutierrez from March of 2005.


  1. Redunkulous. I can’t wait!

  2. Ajay Karat October 26, 2006

    Love Jorge Gutierrez Style!

  3. One of the best things I’ve seen coming out of the LA scene. I also can’t wait!

  4. Niko Anesti October 26, 2006

    Looks pretty good, but I dunno if it could really be compared to Ren & Stimpy. Either way, it looks like this could be the best thing to happen to Nick in a while.

  5. Mukpuddy October 26, 2006

    Awesome, awesome, awesome… I can’t wait to see a full show!! It’s crazy seeing Jorge’s drawing style moving!! I love it!!!

  6. WOW! The artwork looks great… I can’t wait to see this. I’m interested in how the story will pan out. Nice concept however.

  7. Anonymous October 26, 2006

    All the vector shit looks the same. This design style is getting old. It looks too much like Puffy Ami Yumi on steroids (3D and FX). Show me something new. The story looks cool though.

  8. Both of the creators are super cool! Love the stle and character designs!! Congrats!!

  9. Sierra M. Jackson October 29, 2006

    Looks very interesting.

  10. I met this guy at CalArts last summer, saw an entire episode (as most of the season is already done). It’s really cool, and while I agree that the flash style is a little tiring, it’s still some of the best I’ve seen. They use After-effects as well to polish it up. So yeah, I got Jorge’s autograph and he even drew me a pic of “El Tigre”!

  11. Chris Battle October 29, 2006

    This show is awesome… Jorge & Sandra RAWK! The collective talent on their crew is insane. Like SPONGEBOB and POWERPUFF GIRLS, this one’s gonna be great.

  12. Anonymous November 22, 2006

    i’m workin on the show at the moment, and we’ve a ways to go. The episode you saw must have been the pilot. It was a calboration between a lot of studios to see you would get the final contract.

  13. Bathroom Hippo December 5, 2006

    Looks incredibly interesting.

    Can’t wait for the debut!

  14. Anonymous February 4, 2007

    El Tigre is AMAZING! I’m only 9 years old, and I animate in Flash, and I’ve never seen such an amazing Flash animated show!

  15. Anonymous February 24, 2007

    20$ says its gonna be loud and boring hey! just like Mucha Lucha.
    Development, bg’s will be good, characters nothing new and repititious. Sandra can barely draw, if she wasnt married to Jorge she’d never have worked here (nick).

    = Nick bought more shows than it’s gonna be happy with. Just cause there are a ton of lations here doesnt mean latinos are gonna wanna watch a lame show, Thats what Studio 2 is for and you get to see TnA.

  16. Aaron Simpson February 24, 2007

    Anon – Jealousville called and they want their village coward back.

    Sandra is a brilliant designer and artist, and your comments are so far off – they almost doesn’t warrant a reply. Proof –

    Now back to Jorge and Sandra’s incredible journey to success! Congrats guys – you’re an inspiration to us all.

  17. Anonymous March 6, 2007

    Coward here, Loserville called and they want their mayor back.

    Dear penis face,

    Uhhh putting up Sandra’s site only supports what i said, man she sux and so do you. Just cause you make work doesn’t make it good work. As for the show ZzzzZzzzZzzz…what huh…ew! it’s still on.
    Bg’s are very pretty though!

    Hmmmm smells like another c.ramos mistake. And if this show is all about being latin and the creators are all about being latin, why are there like only 4 latins that work on this pretty turd? Fakers!

  18. Aaron Simpson March 6, 2007

    i stand up for my fellow artists – and i try to build trust and unity. you seem hellbent on tearing others down. what’s the anger all about?

    hating in the privacy of your brain is one thing, but you’ve got an agenda here – and you want your message heard. did someone hurt you or pass you over? lashing out at your fellow artists isn’t the way out.

  19. Anonymous March 6, 2007

    hey coward, so you work at Nick, you hate Carlos Ramos, you hate latinos and you liked the bgs on El Tigre. And checking your signature address it says you live in LA. Hmmm, I think we all know who you are…

  20. ?????? March 9, 2007

    I agree with you, Anonymous! This show is about MEXICO they love it. I hate this mexican crap and these artists, Guterrez and Equila should stay and do stuff in MEXICO where they BELONG! This show is teaching us SPANISH, and we don’t speak Spanish, plus it has a lot of Mexican crap. This show needs to GETTEN RID OF!

  21. Dora Luz March 9, 2007

    La envidia te brota por todos lados.
    Tu no conoces a Sandra y no tienes porque juzgarla.
    Y si la conoces, no dirias esas estupideces.
    !Pobre envidioso, seguro eres un “looser”, o como se escriba. porque no escribo bien ingles, porque para mi fortuna soy Mexicana.

  22. Anonymous March 10, 2007

    I think you have a BIG racism problem to deal with before making a statement.
    You have a big spelling problem too.

  23. Anonymous March 12, 2007

    Whoa! this is not about race. And to the dude that responded. The planet is destined to be brown, get use to it.

    Neh! i just think Sandra sux and from what ive seen and heard she’s lazy. But this business is more about relationships than talent. Look around most of the people here dont deserve to be here but they’re friends and well thats pretty much it.

    I’ve seen the show and well…i was right. Rascism is not cool at all…i just have a problem with crap.

    And geeks…you cant track an ip just with the headers anyone can change there ip address its easy. Im typing away and your a bunch of cry babies. See you at the soda fountain. ;)

  24. Jorge Gutierrez March 13, 2007

    Wow, this is getting out of hand.

    Coward, I hear you brother. You are not a fan of our work and that’s cool. Everyone has an opinion, I totally respect that.

    Aaron, can you stop this thread before all the crazy racist stuff continues?

  25. My son and I both enjoy El Tigre when Nickelodeon can find the time to run it on Saturday mornings!

    Is this the 1st animated series to feature divorced parents?

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