Renegade Sees the Love

Back in September, CHF ran a story about Renegade Animation’s work for CBS’ Innertube. This broadband network is pushing a new Flash-animated series called ‘Animate This!,’ which features CBS stars telling stories which are subsequently brought to life with animation.

Renegade’s latest stars Jennifer Love Hewitt fondly remembering her singing debut at a state fair.

Notice how the series is sponsored by the Flash-animated commercial series from Esurance. These spots are beautifully animated by the gang at Ghostbot, and produced by Wildbrain. On that same topic, check out their latest work, a spot called ‘Basher-Bowl,’ which the Ghostbot gang call “arguably (the) most action packed Esurance spot we’ve done…” You can see it over at the Ghostbot site now, and on their blog, they’ve posted some thoughts on the production.


  1. Anonymous October 5, 2006

    The Esurance spots are gorgeous. But I wonder, is the insurance actually a good deal? I like suporting what I like!

    Scotty A (forgot my password)

  2. I. N. J. Culbard October 5, 2006


  3. I love those Esurance commercials.

    Hey, did any of you guys know about this:

    It’s some Russian kids show, I wish I could understand it honestly, but I was curious if you knew what studio made it.

  4. Aaron Simpson October 6, 2006

    great find. yes, it does appear it was done in Flash. i found an article from Russia…

    “Smirnova said the cartoons are produced in the best classical traditions of Russian animation with the use of a modern information technology called Flash.”

  5. I. N. J. Culbard October 6, 2006

    Just watched the russian show. excellent. I’m Polish (half polish) and speak Polish. Though the two languanges are very different I did manage to understand quite a lot of it. Great toon.

    The animation really is good. I love the segment where the boat goes out to sea. fantastic.

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