Skunk Cycles

It was over a year ago when CHF first reported on ‘Skunk Fu!,’ a Flash-animated series being produced by Cartoon Saloon in Kilkenny, Ireland. Recently, on the Skunk Fu blog, two walk cycles were posted, both animated by Alfredo Cassano.




  1. Anonymous October 6, 2006

    wow those are great

  2. Stephen Studios October 6, 2006

    these are awesome!

  3. Kenneth Figuerola October 6, 2006

    Good animations, but the best are on their website !!

  4. Stephen Studios October 6, 2006

    wait aaron, whats the link to their blog?

  5. Justin Weg October 7, 2006

    That was awesome stuff!

  6. Jez Hall October 7, 2006

    Wait until you see the ninja monkeys.

  7. Kevy Metal October 7, 2006

    Someone needs to post Tiger’s walk cycle… Anytime we have a tour through the studio, that’s the first one I pull out!

  8. Kevy Metal October 7, 2006

    Here’s their blog link-

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