South Park Animator Gets Out There

A fun little short by Ryan Quincy, the Lead Technical/Animation Supervisor on South Park. It’s called Out There.


  1. Anonymous October 23, 2006

    I love the Pontiac Fiero. Nice touch.

  2. Rockiltree October 23, 2006

    In the words of Borat… “I like”. That music is great, meshes with the art style and character design really well. Out there, indeed!

  3. that was good…but kinda sad.

  4. aaaaaaaaaaah….i’m a believer in out there!

  5. Wheel In the Sky.

    Wheel In the Sky………

  6. Anne-arky October 25, 2006


    Nice animation, though.

  7. dig the license plate on the car…

  8. oobie doobie adobe January 15, 2008

    that water tower looks familiar? Amber Amen had a dress like that.

  9. oobiedoobieadobe January 15, 2008

    What do they think they’re doing with those big gulps?

  10. itchybackside April 1, 2009

    this has to be the WORST VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAHHHHhh!
    and yet i looked at the entire thing…..captivated the mind cant break free

  11. good ability to capture emotions and solve kinematics of motion!

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