The Brothers McLeod are working at a feverish pace. Below is another short from Greg and Myles, who have dramatized our favorite emails – spam! It’s the first in a series aptly named ‘Spamland.’ [congrats, Brothers McLeod - you've been boingboinged]


  1. spamusement rip?

  2. Anonymous October 12, 2006

    Brilliant! It almost makes spam worth it. Hmmmm…. I can’t wait for the “free Viagra now” series or “enlarge your breasts in three easy steps.” Keep up the feverish pace guys. You might just save the world…

  3. Completely awesome.. and by that, I mean totally sweet.

  4. If they ever need names for the characters in these animated shorts, I’ve got just the thing!.

  5. the mule October 12, 2006


  6. pure poetry

  7. Anonymous October 12, 2006

    Didn’t recognise any spam from emails i receive

  8. Anonymous October 12, 2006

    spamusement in its prime was so much better. this was just absurdist don hertzfeldt wannabe drivel.

  9. phdstudent October 12, 2006

    I get spam like that. It’s almost like the internet is trying to write poetry. Reminiscient of that William Gibson book and the machine in orbit that made those cool artworks.

  10. Gene Fowler October 12, 2006

    There’s so much spam out there, it would be hard to find one that everyone has gotten, funny enough.

    I always wanted to make cartoon out of spam mail, looks like someone beat me to it! good job too.

    I think there should be a web site though, where folks can upload their favorite spam, it’d be easier on the cartoonists, allowing them to do their jobs instead of researching or waiting for good spam in their own inbox.



  11. Sex & Moxie October 12, 2006

    Is there any way to stop getting the trader alert e-mails. i’ve gotten at least 10 since I logged on this morning.

  12. Anonymous October 12, 2006

    i didn’t get a word of that

  13. Spam poetry, anyone?

    I could slam this stuff at the local coffee house and get standing ovations.

    ROCK ON.

  14. Anonymous October 13, 2006

    Since it has been mentioned but not yet linked:


  15. Stephen Studios October 13, 2006

    HAHA I get spam poetry! FUNNY STUFF!

  16. Very funny stuff!

  17. Anonymous October 13, 2006

    ahhh stupid and thoses of you who like must be even dumber than it, what a waste of server space somewhere

  18. The Brothers McLeod October 13, 2006

    Hi All, thanks for watching Spamland – and Aaron – thanks for featuring our work. You are a star.
    Myles and Greg

  19. god this is so great. i mean, wow this is so great!

  20. Anonymous October 13, 2006

    I would love to see more of these.

  21. Anonymous October 14, 2006

    What a waste of bandwidth

  22. Anonymous October 15, 2006

    The only spam I ever kept was sent to me by Cindy Carroll (

    It reads, in full:

    When a precise abstraction takes a coffee break, the minivan prays. The football team over a crank case finds subtle faults with another completely elusive canyon, and a gratifying power drill steals pencils from a scythe from a lover. The muddy cyprus mulch thoroughly brainwashes a slyly gentle bartender. When a statesmanlike fighter pilot daydreams, the briar patch feels nagging remorse. Sometimes a crank case over a tornado earns frequent flier miles, but an abstraction from a mortician always often competes with the girl scout behind the blithe spirit! Augustine

  23. Ironhorn October 21, 2006

    You’d think that someone would be able to make a cartoon without a critic acusing him of ripping it off of something else….

    … but I guess not.

    And that’s why there’s no record of them!

    Egarly awaiting the next segment.

  24. Anonymous October 21, 2006

    re: I think there should be a web site though, where folks can upload their favorite spam

    No way in hell am I giving you my email info!

  25. are they going to make more than one of these? i looked on youtube and their site… seems to be a one-off for now. anyone know more about this?

  26. These are the coolest videos ever.

  27. poultry in motion

  28. Somebody here is missing the concept. They are not animating the unsolicited offers (bigger breasts/penis…mortgage rates have never been lower…money in Africa); they are animating the “Mad Libs” Style sentences connected only by their relative parts-of-speech.

    Being stoned always made me very interested in my spams.

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