Happy Tree Friends Exclusive Episode

Back in October, a series full of brand-new 7-minute Happy Tree Friends episodes launched on G4 TV. In fact, there’s 39 new episodes and they’re being released 3-at-a-time, Sundays at 5:00pm and 12:30am. Also, starting next week, the series will air Saturdays at 2:30am.

And now Cold Hard Flash has teamed up with Mondo Media to offer an online exclusive! It’s a full episode from the TV series with a commentary track from the production team. If you’d prefer to hear the episode without the commentary, just click the track at the bottom of the player window. So without further adieu, I present your hosts for the episode titled From Hero To Eternity.

Kenn Navarro – director
David Ichioka – producer
Ken Pontac – story editor
Warren Graff – story editor

Flash Player source created by Jeroen Wijering

It should be mentioned that 2 great production studios helped this effort along – Ghostbot, who designed and animated the pop-up style title sequence and Fatkat Animation who animated the entire series. Be sure to check out photos from the Fatkat HTF wrap-party over on their blog. I think we all missed a helluva party.

The first season is already planned for a DVD roll-out just in time for the holidays. On December 5th, Happy Tree Friends: Season 1 will deliver 9 full-episodes, commentary tracks, storyboards and a behind the scenes look at the production.

If you just can’t get enough Happy Tree Friends, head on over to the Cold Hard Flash interview with Kenn Navarro, the co-creator of the show. You’ll notice that Kenn mentions that they were tinkering with the idea for the TV series way back in the Spring of 2005 when I first interviewed Kenn.


  1. Ryan Simmons November 14, 2006

    Hey Aaron, what a fun treat to watch! Thanks for spending the time to put that together, it was very entertaining!

  2. Ahhh it was like crawling inside the twisted minds of the creators and watching right through their own eyeballs..

    what a treat.

    And the CHF exclusives!1 Heyyyyy* i LiiiiiiiiiikeE!

    Always impressed that you have a(really cool) day job in addition to this..

  3. Gene Fowler November 15, 2006



    Thanks for the props Aaron, we had a ton of fun working on this series; which just wrapped up, on budget and ahead of schedule!

    YAY! We’re a compentent studio!




  4. Hey Aaron!

    Man, I can’t tell you enough how much it means for you to keep this blog up for flash animators! This is such an amazing portal to all that is Flash Animation!

    I’ve worked at Fatkat for 2 years going on 3 and I can’t tell you enough how cool it is to work here and to watch amazing things like this to pop out! There is so many talent people here and they are all so humble. I love Flash, I love animation!

    I hope that there is a season 2! Just imagine what could happen!

    And plus, if you have a look at the Fatkat blog on the wrap up party you can watch me dance! That’s right, DANCE! It was a drunken stupor, but no goats were harmed on this occasion. Thank the gods!

    Peace out!

  5. Anonymous November 19, 2006

    im so god damn sick of these tired cartoons.


    WE GET IT.

  6. Anonymous November 20, 2006

    Then stop watching them.

    Ok, you are an idiot.

    WE GET IT.

  7. Gene Fowler November 21, 2006

    The Happy Tree Friends website gets millions of hits a month.

    Majority rules, we’ll keep making them. No harm, no foul. Except for the poor little bastids getting slaughtered!


  8. I like flaky.

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