JibJab and Yankovic Get Creepy

Today marks the launch of the latest JibJab original animation. The song is a parody of American Idol’s Taylor Hicks.

JibJab collaborated with the artist who has sold the most comedy albums in history, and he recently had his first Billboard Top 10 hit – it’s none other than “Weird Al” Yankovic. JibJab and Weird Al have teamed up to bring you the animated music video for Yankovic’s latest single, Do I Creep You Out, which is off Straight Outta Lynwood, the album that spawned White and Nerdy.

The live-action White and Nerdy music video , which was also directed by Yankovic, is a rarity on this recent album, which has produced mostly animated videos. Weeks ago, CHF covered what is perhaps the most animated album in history.

Congrats to the whole JibJab team!


  1. NIIIIIIIICE! Hats off, sirs!

  2. ThatsMyBoys November 20, 2006

    WOW, that looked AMAZING! Great job guys. (im going to have to get jib jab to animate my music video :)

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