Six Point Harnesses Medium for NBC

NBC’s hit drama Medium is returning tonight with a 2-hour season premiere. The episode, titled Four Dreams, was written by series creator Glenn Gordon Caron and co-executive producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach. The episode also features a Flash-animated segment that was produced by Van Partible, the creator of Johnny Bravo.

To create the short, Partible teamed up with Hollywood-based animation studio Six Point Harness Studios, who had to act quickly when the episode’s premiere date was moved up in the schedule. In four weeks, Brendan Burch, Six Point CEO, and Animation Director Greg Franklin and Post Production Supervisor Michael Jacobsen took the idea from paper to TV.Don’t miss the short behind-the-scenes piece posted on in which Partible takes us on a tour of Six Point Harness Studios. We meet Hayk Manukyan and Matt Danner, an amazingly talented artist whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with on dozens of projects.

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  1. ThatsMyBoys November 20, 2006

    Yeah it turned out great…those guys are the best…and as for Danner? Well words can’t even discribe the awesome power of his greatness!

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