JoeCartoon Makes a Deal, an extremely popular Flash-animation site that premiered on the web in 1998, has been sold to Endemol USA, the company behind Deal of No Deal. JoeCartoon hit it big in 1999 with Frog in a Blender, and Joe Shields, the founder and artist behind the the shorts, has ben an active creator ever since. Recently, his Groundhog Day short was featured here on CHF.

According to Endemol, they plan to “significantly expand JoeCartoon’s Web presence and develop specific content packages for mobile operators around the world.”

Congrats Joe!


  1. Lets hope they dont steal the rights to his website and characters and later, then they feel he is of no use to them, rape his website to death and turn it into some sort of ebay knockoff or something.
    It happens so often these days.

  2. joe cartoon is the best i agre with zsl i found joe cartoon on you tube

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