Artix Conquers YouTube

Back in late October of 2006, Alan Smithee’s elaborate Artix vs. The Undead, which was commissioned by, rocketed to the top of the YouTube ratings, racking up almost 500,000 views. Concurrently, the film has also been screened 450,000 times on Google video.

The action-heavy short is based on DoomWood from the extremely popular DragonFable RPG, and it was promoted on, one of the top 1,000 websites in the world.

If you’ve been following this site, you may have watched Smithee’s Akumi series. The second episode just released last month.


  1. Greasy Pig Studios February 14, 2007

    Much better than Akumi content wise, though I found the ending to feel anti-climactic (I think it was the subpar music in the end… it should have been bigger and more epic). Animation as always is great from these guys.

  2. Stephen Studios February 14, 2007

    this is great but the music should of been much louder and louder than the sound fx. If it woul of been that way it would of got you into it more and would seem more dramatic!

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