Bahrani’s Love Story Teaser – Everloving

Laith Bahrani, the UK Flash-animator behind MTV’s Low Morale, has released a teaser for his new project Everloving. The music video features music by Moby, and Bahrani’s plan is to eventually get his full support for the project, which will end around 4 minutes in length.

The teaser hints at a love story between a prisoner and a firefly, and more development artwork can be seen at Bahrani’s torchlight gallery, his entertaining approach to displaying development artwork.

For more on Laith and his work, check out his Cold Hard Flash interview from March of 2005.


  1. Wheels March 6, 2007

    Oh my GAWD! I’m speechless. That is freakin’ gorgeous!

    What a beautiful mix of Flash and 3d(I assume). I’d love to know what 3d app was used and how the workflow/pipeline going from 3d to Flash was et up. Is the main character all 3d or a mix of 3d and Flash? Were the animations rendered out in there entirety in 3d and then just composited in post or did you render sequences of frames and then import into Flash and animate?

    Best of luck with this!!! Can’t wait for more.

  2. Hi Wheels,

    Thanks for the love.

    A quick break-down of the techniques used:

    The only thing that’s 3D in the everloving animation is the prison room. Everything else is Flash, After effects and Particle Illusion (which is so awesome for creating sparkly shizzle I cried with joy for 3 days after getting it).

    Statics of the prison room are rendered out from 3d-Max and then partially ‘atmosphericalised’ in Photoshop.

    The characters are built in 3 phases:

    1) The basic characters and animation are created in Flash, with just solid flat colours for each body part.

    2) Each body part (head/body/legs/left arm/right arm etc…) are then exported as PNG seq’s

    3) The Sequences are then imported into After effects – put back together, and then a whole load of layering and effects applied to achieve a psuedo-solid look.

    The characters are then comped onto the prison room scenery, and then more effects and moonlight is added.

    I call the process 23-D (twenty three dimensional). It has neither the full benefits of 2d or 3d, and takes 23 years longer to do.

    All the bestest

  3. wheels pretty much summed it up for me. But I guess I can add, awesome, beautiful etc. :)

    And thanks for the break-down Laith!
    I also LOVE particleIllusion.

    Looking forward to it!!!

  4. Wheels March 7, 2007

    Well slap my arse and call me Shirley! The character looks totally 3d. That is just amazing!

    I’ve been using Max for years and have been working on making hybrid 3d/2D flash characters for a little while now and just assumed this was something along those same lines.

    This is a fantastic new look for Flash animation (dare I say a new evolution of the process). Very Tim Burton-ish yet still clearly you’re own.

    Pardon my while I go shoot myself in the head ;-)

    You have a new fan…

  5. nuj716 March 7, 2007

    I agree, this is a beautiful piece of work. Can’t wait to see the animation when it’s done!

  6. great job i love it !!
    could you tell me when this project will be finish?
    thanks !

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