JibJab’s What We Call the News

Gregg and Evan Spiridellis are back with another JibJab short – but this time they’re going VIP-style. The brothers JibJab are VIP-guests tonight at the TV and Radio Correspondence dinner in Washington, D.C., an event also attended by President George W. Bush. Much as Stephen Colbert entertained the President last year, Gregg and Evan will be screening What We Call The News, a 2:30 minute Flash animated short that pokes fun at the media. You can watch the short here, and below that is a quick ‘behind the scenes’ piece I cut together during the production (I work at JibJab, if you didn’t already know). And don’t miss the official Behind the Scenes experience (free registration), which is over at JibJab.com.


  1. Dave Wolfe March 29, 2007

    as usual, very funny stuff!

  2. Anonymous March 29, 2007

    about the “behind the scenes” clip -
    you call this behind the scenes???
    they showed…. nahh.. scratch that.. the TOLD how they did the scene with the car, and thats it!
    and why does JibJab always make musical like videos.. dont they have any other ideas??

  3. Aaron Simpson March 29, 2007

    ya, i had a small window with which to produce that little clip, and if you want the full behind the scenes experience, the jibjab blog is your place.

  4. Gene Fowler March 29, 2007

    Why can’t people criticize with their identity in check? – A tad cowardly, as they don’t want feedback themselves perhaps.


    Aaron, you and your boys at Jib Jab produce top quality stuff. I’m loving the bump in recent spots to higher levels of it too. More After Effects and delicious multi-planing – great strides fellah.

    Don’t stop the body rock,


  5. ThatsMyBoys March 30, 2007

    Very cool Stuff Aaron…you should make behind the scenes videos more often.(I love getting the inside view of how stuff is made and what goes on durring the making of it)

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Espigõum March 31, 2007

    I did like it. A lot. And I imagine it’s not easy to hold on as a group, doing this, because patience usualy runs out very quickly.
    Great job, and I’ll be checking your previous works with JibJab, as well.
    And I think there’s nothing wrong with musicals. There’s so much more of other stuff; Why couldn’t someone do it? And I think it’s one of the hardest things to do (musicals). And we’re not talking about the “composing the music” hard original work.. that’s another (even more complicated – i think) story.
    I know very few, but I sense there’s a lot of work behind this. And this is great as well, so, I gess you deserve our compliments.
    Very cool!
    (ps – I loved the detail of the “Incoming news” about the guy who couldn’t open the door ;’D=
    Very funny


  7. excellent.

  8. i f*cking hate the news.

    top parody guys, and some serious effort involved to make it so slick n punchy.

    Laith / Monkeehub

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