Meat Loaf Dines on Flash Animation

Camp Chaos and the animation studio called Two Animators recently teamed up to produce a 7-minute concert video titled The Monster Is Loose for the rock singer Meat Loaf. The video isn’t available on the web yet, but you can be we’ll be let you know when it is.

Back in August of 2006, CHF reported on the pairing of these two studios, and a 12-episode series called The Smallie Biggs Show has also been announced. You can see a short clip below and several other clips on YouTube.

Beyond that, Two Animators have also been busy on a project with PAC Entertainment to produce a TV series sample for a show called Captain Ollie’s Water World. You can watch the video over on the Two Animators site now.


  1. jimmy c March 9, 2007

    Aaron!!! it’s jimmy cross. long time. I am finished with my pre school cartoon man and i would love for you to see it.


  2. Kevy Metal March 12, 2007

    I saw that concert video a week ago when Meat Loaf was through here and it looked alright. There were some really cool animated parts, but also some sorta clunky bits of herky-jerkiness… Overall it was pretty cool and certainly nice to see some Flash work during the Loaf’s show…

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