Szeles Bringing El Tigre to Life

Sean Szeles, one of many talented artists working with Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua in Burbank on Nickelodeon’s new hit El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, has unveiled a few animated work-in-progress scenes on his blog. Sean describes in detail how the pre-production process works, explaining how Fred Osmond, Dave Thomas, Gabe Swarr, Ricky Garduno, Luke Cormican and Aaron Horvath all take part.

The episodes are shipped off to Ireland-based Boulder Media (and a few are currently in the oven at Six Point Harness), but before that, Sean gets to add a few fully-animated cycles and shots. My favorite is Manny’s jump over the fence.


  1. Stephen Studios March 19, 2007

    awesome stuff! The animation on el tigre is great! and the show is funny too!

  2. When Nickelodeon started showing commercials they seemed to be marketing it as some Mucha Lucha wannabe.

    But the show has its own unique voice and odd sense of humor. This is neat being able to see how it looks before it gets “fancy”

  3. Mukpuddy March 20, 2007


  4. mudbubble March 23, 2007

    El Tigre is my newest favorite show – each and every shot is amazing – makes me proud to be a flash animator.

  5. momoluvr123 February 24, 2008

    el tigre is one of my all-time favorite shows! its got great animation, and awesome humor.

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