Wasson Adds PowerShares to Portfolio

Dave Wasson, the creator of Time Squad, recently produced a TV spot for PowerShares titled Escape Average. The commercial was produced through Acme Filmworks for Euro RSCG McConnaughy Tatham, Chicago.

Below, Dave details the exceptionally quick production.

The whole spot was created in three weeks believe it or not! The client had already purchased air time for it even before the idea was conceived so the schedule built to hit that air date. That was certainly the fastest I have ever had to pull together something of this scale. Dave Knott and I did the storyboard over two days (some of it drawn directly in Flash, some of it drawn traditionally and then scanned).Then I built the animatic in Flash. After that was approved and the timing was locked, I did the final character designs in Flash. Then the guys at Six Point Harness took care of the character animation while I designed all of the backgrounds in Flash. Finally we composited the whole thing together in After Effects.


  1. I was at a bar the other night and this commercial came on. The moment I saw it I said to my friend Mike “Oh, this is SO made in flash”

    At first I thought Renegade Animation had made it.

    Its very cool.

  2. jtruss April 4, 2007


  3. Ajay Karat April 4, 2007

    Looks a lot like the intro for the movie “Catch Me if You Can”. But love every bit of it!

  4. roman laney April 5, 2007

    Dave is such a talented director, and a wonderful example of someone who comes from tradional animation but has embraced Flash 100 percent and never looked back. Great work Dave!… not sure when you get to sleep.. but another beautiful piece of work!

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