Flash Animation Plug-ins From TrickOrScript

Brazilian-based TrickOrScript.com has unveiled a series of Flash animation plug-ins. Animators use Flash software in a very specific way, and there’s functionality and repetitive tasks that are unique to our work flow. TrickOrScript.com zeroed in on some of the major ones, including ‘squash and stretch,’ a thumbnail viewer, and an interesting take on motion paths.

Link spotted on the Fatkat Animation blog.



  1. animonger May 10, 2007

    Some cool tools, I particularly like the paste n place plus and the edit n place plus!

  2. Dave Wolfe May 11, 2007

    Nice stuff, that thumbnail viewer looks pretty cool.

  3. Albert May 12, 2007

    Too bad it’s all windows only goodies… :(

    Eagerly awaiting OS X versions!


  4. Cool stuff, especially the lip sync tool and the paste in place plus.
    As for the Edit in Place Plus, I’d like to point out that my Enter Graphic at Current Frame command does mostly the same thing. Edit in Place Plus is more in depth to be sure (more features, window instead of command, etc), but mine is free :P

    Anyway, cool looking extensions! Look forward to testing some out sometime.

  5. Anonymous July 14, 2007

    Hi All-
    Has anyone doing extensive character animation evaluated the plug-ins/tools offered?
    The demos on the trick-or-script site look very good… and seem to be very straight-forward but you know how it is… I’m curious as to who’s using it/them and enjoying any positive results.
    Thanks for any observations.

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