Its Cartoon Surfs Over to

The Chinese animation studio Its Cartoon just released a new, action-packed Flash animated commercial promoting the website Great water effects (click the logo in the center below).


  1. The music used in this is from Finding Nemo. I’d recognize those faint harp plucks a mile away.

    Great spot.

  2. Doctor Jones May 3, 2007

    Cool animation.

    The theme reminds me a bit of Avatar, but none the less, pretty sweet action to watch.

    (Good call on the music ZSL. I knew I heard it somewhere.)Still goes well.

  3. Andrewk May 3, 2007

    Oh my God, but I hate it when something unoriginal pops up in a project that you know isn’t supposed to be used, that’s ALL anyone talks about. We could be talking about the great animation, the wonderful effects, the timing, etc… but when someone takes music from somewhere else, it just doesn’t get the credit it deserves. I really hope they credit the original creators for this music, because if not, they would be seen as thieves.

  4. Gene Fowler May 3, 2007

    True enough, but hey, it’s a demo, well probably.

    We’ve used music from others before too. hell our reels are laced with other people’s tunes. But yeah, we give the artists credit too.

    I’m not sure what to say about the visuals here, it all feels familiar. but at the same time I couldn’t look away. the thick goopy flash lines and the fine animation married to some crazy expressions sometimes left me wanting to see more.

    loved that grainy still transition at the end.


  5. MarkPorter May 6, 2007

    “Its Gartoon”
    whats the matter with asians and fighting anyways? i love how those funny mickey mouse cartoon sounds fit to a fighting animation

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