The Latest From Shamoozal is Crap Fest

Phil and Frank Summers, animating brothers from New Jersey, have released a new episode in their series Shamoozal. The Flash-animated show is the tale of an immature adult, Grey, his cousin Plum, and a homeless rabbit named Jacquo. The latest episode, Crapfest Force, takes a few jabs at Aqua Teen Hunger Force while creating three shows-within-a-show, ala Itchy and Scratchy or Teen Girl Squad. For more on the series, check out Frank’s blog.



  1. .: Snare :. May 16, 2007

    Funny stuff :)

  2. Anonymous May 17, 2007

    Too bad Flash cartoons have been getting as competitive as Hollywood shows. This has potential to be great if they just keep at it. The designs are great!

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