A.D.D. Jane Trailer

Allan Dye, an illustrator and animator living in San Francisco, has completed a new, 4-minute cartoon. A.D.D. Jane is aimed at the festival circuit, but in the meantime Dye has released a trailer.

If Allan is seeking any partners for this (i.e. TV) I could imagine the whole ‘A.D.D.’ part of this world being a bit sticky. Using a relatively common developmental disorder as a ‘character quirk’ might come off as a bit insensitive, unless the series actually tackles the real issues an afflicted child might face. I think a simple title change would fix that. Congrats on wrapping up the project, Allan.


  1. LeafWorthy June 27, 2007

    I agree it’s a bit dangerous to feature A.D.D., but I can’t imagine it could be any worse than the ridicule on Monk, which is extremely successful.

  2. maritza August 29, 2007

    i think it is what it is…shouldn’t be taken so seriously. i’ve have A.D.D. since childhood, yet i found this animation funny, innovative, and think the creator is extremely talented!!! i loved it!

    lighten up people!!!

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