Title Drama Island

Total Drama Island, a new Flash-animated series created by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch, begins airing on Sunday July 8th on Canada’s Teletoon network. This reality show spoof series comes from Fresh Animation and is being animated by Elliott Animation with big help from CHF regulars Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton, otherwise known as Neptoon Studios.

You can watch this same trailer on the Total Drama Island website where users can create customized avatars, play 26 unique games, and read a weekly email tabloid magazine tailored to each player.

And now here’s a :30 second promo that’s been airing on Teletoon.

For even more on TDI, head over to the blog.


  1. Todd Kauffman May 14, 2007

    Sorry folks, had to pull this down till next week.

    we’ll put it back up asap.

  2. KeroDean June 30, 2007

    I REALLY love the style!

  3. Gene Fowler June 30, 2007

    Me likey as always.

    As always Tom McGillis has his fingah on the pulse of the market and the boys at Neptoon are rock steady in delivering.

    Can’t wait to see it, in my oppinion the character designs, while top notch are a tad differen then the ever so popular cartoon network types, which is nice. Lovley proportions. But even better, those frigging Backgrounds!

    MAN! I love those backgrounds.

  4. Todd Kauffman July 2, 2007

    thx a bunch kero and gene.

    aaron, you are awesome!!!

  5. Dude. Best show ever. I’m 18 and i love it.
    I would like it even more if it were to come out on DVD. ;)

  6. I M Blunt May 14, 2009

    Nice designs and smooth animation.. but how long will this “look” last?

    ANd to take reality tv and just making it animated?? Whats original about that? Honestly.

    Whatever to keep “hip” with the kids and produce merchandise!(*seems to be the name of the game in n.american animation) Gotta pay the bills right? Good luck!

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