Disney Feature Vets Swallow Snake Short

Bernard Derriman, an ex-Disney feature animator, has released another animated music video for the Big Green Rabbit project. Directed by Derriman, The Green Anaconda Song video was animated by Andrew Collins, Lily Dell and Ian Harrowell, all of whom worked on Jungle Book 2 where they likely got their first snake-animation experience. The short was animated in Toon Boom Solo.

Derriman was interviewed here at CHF back in 2005.


  1. he es for sure one of the most talented flash animators right now. it`s a shame that he stoped drawing arj & poopy

    http://www.nososnormal.blogspot.com (my animation)

  2. Khalid alDakheel July 31, 2007

    I loved this video, it’s smart to animate with song’s lyrics!

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