SuperNews Greenlights Transformers Sequel

Transformers, the giant, summer blockbuster film, is what studios call “review-proof.” Michael Bay’s latest special-effects action flick was ripped to shreds by a majority of the movie critics, but it didn’t stop the viewing public from plunking down millions in ticket dough.

But that doesn’t mean Transformers is ‘spoof-proof.’ Enter Josh Faure-Brac’s SuperNews and his talented team of Flash animators:

“I’m Michael Bay, and I crap rainbows.” Thank you, SuperNews.


  1. Oluseyi July 14, 2007


    This completely humor-free bit of self-important leftist aggrandizement is precisely why nobody’s actually watching Current. It devolves into petty insult for that which it disagrees with (“douche”), and it exhibits a shocking lack of understanding of the appeal of Transformers to the public.

    Worse, the Flash is the sort of tired, generic material that clogs the web and demonstrates little artistry. Bland character design, bland animation design, no technical or creative risk.


  2. Kosley July 14, 2007

    What the hell was wrong with Transformers?… It wasn’t perfect, but it was a damn good representation of the original series.

    SuperNews was funny when it was making fun of Tom Cruise… But even then it was just a South Park wannabe.

  3. Anonymous July 23, 2007

    Michael Bay’s latest special-effects action flick was ripped to shreds by a majority of the movie critics…

    In what math-challenged universe does 44% constitute “a majority”? It isn’t too hard to actually do some research before spewing your BS. Per, Micahel Bay’s Transformers has received positive reviews from 56% of the critics, including Variety, the Washington Post, Richard Roeper, NY Daily News, Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, Boston Globe, Village Voice, Detroit Free Press…what, want me to stop? But there’s 92 other positive reviews!

    I’m not making the claim that Transformers is great cinema. But it IS one of two genuinely good and entertaining Michael Bay flicks (along with The Rock) that is not, by any yardstick, being panned by a majority of the critics.

  4. Aaron Simpson July 23, 2007

    Anon – If you thought hard about this, which you obviously did not, you could have imagined that when the article was written, displayed a rating below 50%. Subsequent positive reviews have been added and now the rating has climbed over 50%. And how would I have benefited from lying (or BS’ing, as you put it) about this?

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