FlickerLab Hits Jackpot With Pink Panther Spot

FlickerLab, the New York production, design and animation company, recently worked on a 30-second animation for the Virginia Lottery. The spot features the enigmatic Pink Panther, who was originally designed by the late Hawley Pratt – one of my favorite Golden Books illustrators.

The project originated out of +SmithGifford, a full-service advertising agency based in Virginia. They invited FlickerLab to participate in the scripting, storyboarding and design of the project, which will be screened in Virginia theaters starting August 6th. To bring the spot to life, the FlickerLab team utilized Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Cintiq monitors. The production team included animator Thomas Smolenski, who has been featured here before for his work on NBC’s Pale Force.

For more information on the project, head over to Animation Magazine.


  1. Anonymous August 3, 2007

    Solid work…

  2. Les Harper August 3, 2007

    Wow, very nice… a great homage to the orginal cartoons!!

    Now THATS the kind of stuff I’d love to be working on :)

    Kudos to the gang at Flicker!


  3. Gene Fowler August 4, 2007

    As a huge fan of the DePatie freleng endevour and of the Pink Panther franchise I’ll have to say…good job!

    Missed the target on that background though. Need more of a minimalistic approach as well as some rough ink/ pencil lines over splattered colour and non existent horizon lines… could have had a cooler look then.

    But, it’s not bad though, only a nerd like me would notice that bg thing.

    thumbs up.

  4. :: smo :: August 4, 2007

    Holy Toledo! Thanks for the props!!!

    and so i’m not tooooo much of a glory hog…the rest ‘o the team was:

    Nikolai Nachev – animation [pink against the wall and jump in ticket]

    Alisa Harris – animation and cleanup [subtle awesome guard animation at the open]

    Jessica Milazzo – animation and cleanup [totally rad product closeup!]

    Max Porter – backgrounds

    Thanks again! It’s fun to get acknowledgment for a commercial! I got really excited about working on this! John Dunn’s stories on those old cartoons were great, it was awesome getting paid to do “research!”

  5. Looks awesome! Great work, Max, Jess, Nick, Smo and Alissa! You rocked!

    Please say hi to Tina at J2 for me!

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