Geiger Grinds Out Skateboard Short

Mike Geiger, an animation director living in Canada, dug up one of his Flash shorts from 2004 and posted it for our viewing pleasure. It’s a 1-minute piece he created for Toy Machine, a skateboarding company started by Ed Templeton. Transistor Sect was created for the Good & Evil skateboard video, and it is bloody and bleak.


  1. hmmmmm bloody… yep it bloody well was some kinda bloody short. Good sound, I’ll give it that

  2. Haha! That was great! I really enjoyed the feel of the short. Good traditional sensibilities!

  3. Anonymous August 7, 2007

    This is awesome!!! Weird but awesome!

  4. Honkbarn August 7, 2007

    Nice work Geiger! That hooker is extremely sexy.

  5. Very well animated. I noticed cool techniques I’ll try out in my project.

  6. Stephen Studios August 7, 2007

    the animation is great! Really interested in his technique.

  7. Kevy Metal August 7, 2007

    Great stuff, Geiger! If I didn’t know you, or hadn’t been in the same class at VFS with you, or worked with you, I’d be concerned…

    Seriously, that’s some really nice work. I’m glad to see I taught you well…

  8. Dagan Moriarty August 7, 2007

    GREAT work.

    SO cool that Templeton is still using this character for Toy Machine… It’s been YEARS now!

    Everything moves really well in this piece. Great timing, and no ‘slip-slidey-flashy-poppy-jerky’ stuff, just good, solid animation!

  9. I knew you got your talent from somewhere Geigee. Thanks for the clarification Kev. By the way…is this done with what they call “animation”?

  10. Gene Fowler August 9, 2007

    Real nice animation in there. fuckin weird though.

    you should have worked on Happy Tree Friends that slice was great!

  11. KeroDean August 9, 2007

    this would be emensly popular on new grounds!

  12. cory bobiak May 14, 2008

    that’s fantastic. you’re a sick man geiger

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