Makinita’s Mama

Andres Silva, who also goes by Makinita, lives in Ecuador and lists among his favorite artists Tex Avery, Bob Clampett and John K. Those influences call all be seen in Silva’s latest Flash-animated short Mama Don’t Like. He created the cartoon in 3 weeks, and was inspired after hearing a song from the 30s.

Makinita was recently featured at Cartoon Brew for his Cupcake Hitler short.


  1. Anonymous August 11, 2007

    you might wanna remember ralph bakshi in there as an influence seeing as john k grew out of ralphs butt


  2. Anonymous August 12, 2007

    I hope this guy knows that John K. would bash his work in a heartbeat.

  3. Stephen Studios August 13, 2007

    It’s interesting to have a cartoon made now that looks like an old one with the color and style, but I think the animation is a little too sloppy. Also, it bugs me to see the mouths not really moving to the audio.. I think the designs of the characters are cool though, definitely something different.

  4. Clinton August 15, 2007

    I enjoyed this short :) I emailed Makinita, and he told me this was done in Painter. I hope to see more cartoony cartoons from independent cartoonists.

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