Slacker Cats Mark Territory on ABC Family

Slacker Cats, a new Flash-animated comedy series, is set to premiere on ABC Family on August 13th 10/9c. The series was created by Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley, and the voice cast includes Dave Foley, Harland Williams, Sinbad and Emo Philips. The project is being produced out of Film Roman, and then outsourced to a variety of Flash studios. Here’s a promo that’s been airing on ABC:


  1. Steve Ahn August 1, 2007


  2. Stephen Studios August 1, 2007

    can’t wait!

  3. Andy "Shabazz" Ochiltree August 2, 2007

    They totally stole my show idea –
    “Unmotivated, Cynical Lemurs” could have been huge I tell you, HUGE!!!

  4. Gene Fowler August 3, 2007

    Notice that prime time shows are starting to look more and more the same?

    circle template eyes for everyone!

  5. Anonymous August 5, 2007

    Yeah, I can’t wait to see this on the 13th this month. This is going to be the most spectacular,cool, fabulous, show on ABC family. The Animation kicks ass!

  6. Well, at least it looks better than “CARROTS OF THE PIRABBEAN “.

  7. Brian "My Fault" Nicolucci August 7, 2007

    This really pales next to their original stop mo version of slacker cats from a few years back. Wonder why they decided to kill that and go the flash route.

  8. Harland Williams…Emo…And where-in-the-heck did they find Sinbad!!?! HA HAAA.

    Awesome cast of voices…animation doesn’t look bad either.

    Looking forward to checking it out!!

    Thanks for the post!

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