Cuboy Rocks!

Back in February when Will Arbuckle and his pal Andy Dennis released the first episode, I called their Flash-animated show Cuboy “one of the more unique shorts I’ve seen in a while.” I’ll double-down on that, and gush a little more – the beautifully bizarre world of Cuboy has all of the ingredients to be become a Homestar-like breakout web hit. I’ll detail those ingredients – a weirdo, bong-ready world filled with an iconic hero, t-shirt ready phrases like “slightly cloudy with a chance of Cuboy,” an entirely engaging sonic experience (those transitions are almost as fun as the show), and a growing cast of twisted freaks.

Episode two, titled Super Duper Trooper, introduces us to a few of those twisted freaks – Super Tom and Esquire Padrino.

I’ll set the egg-timer for some smart web portal to start funding this series. And…. go.



  1. Goooooooooaaaal! that is great, funny and wonderfully eccentric. the graphics are what flash is all about. Ingenious use of the programme. may the suns rays light the lads way into TV commercial land and all the brass they deserve to charge.

  2. Very nice. Very good. Well done.

  3. :: smo :: September 28, 2007

    that was really fun! is it made all directly in flash or is there some 3d work too?

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