Labocine Taps Wilbur To Generate New Work

Brazilian animation studio Labocine has assembled a 2-minute, Flash-animated promotional film, titled Wilbur, that explains how a feature film can be created with their studio. Animation supervisor Evanildo Pereira and his team have crafted a beautiful piece of Flash animation here – fluid, fun and highly entertaining.

You can also view the Portuguese version.


  1. Gene Fowler September 30, 2007

    This is some really kick ass work. man, I love the way it moves.

  2. Willi Lopes September 30, 2007

    Todo dia to aqui no cold, é sempre bem vindo ver animações brasileiras se destacando no mercado internacional! Parabéns a equipe!

  3. JoeyCee October 1, 2007

    Very nice work…

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