Pale Force Even Paler In Season 2 Premiere

NBC’s hit online animated comedy Pale Force is back for a second season. The Flash-animated adventures of Conan O’Brien and comedian Jim Gaffigan return with more light-skinned shenanigans. The series has garnered nominations at the Daytime Emmys and the Webby Awards. New episodes will be launched every Monday at Here’s a sneak preview of the season premiere episode:

Gaffigan voices, co-writes and co-produces Pale Force with Paul Noth, who originally conceived the series. Animation is produced by Thomas Smolenski.


  1. :: smo :: September 25, 2007

    have i mentioned recently that i love your blog aaron?

    thanks for the props!

    nbc seems to have gotten over their fear of youtube and posted this full combo episode themselves! rad! this is actually the first i’ve seen of it all together online and i did the edits! so thanks for letting me know!

    this season we have mike carlo on animation as well [we split an episode in half every week usually], peter lazarski on backgrounds full time and brett hall back picking up the after effects end on the forthcoming episodes.

    thanks for watching!!! we’ll be crankin’ em out every week for your pallid perusing pleasure!

    :: smo ::

  2. Great premier guys! Gaffigan offered some quality stand up to boot. Looking forward to the rest of season 2!

  3. Sweeeet! I enjoyed the flesh eating conan.

  4. koalalover September 28, 2007

    Interested in seeing PaleForce released on DVD? Check this out…

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