Renegade and McGowan Throw a Sausage Party

Darin McGowan, a talented animation director and series creator, has premiered his latest cartoon at theIllinois International Film Festival. Sausage Party was animated at Renegade Animation, and, according to an article at, the short is the first effort to emerge from the studio’s new development department.

Sausage Party


  1. Gene Fowler September 19, 2007

    always a fan of that design style.

  2. nice style… good eyes… don’t know why but I really like them eyes

  3. Anonymous September 20, 2007

    All that and nothing happens to the pig???


  4. Brad Jacobs September 20, 2007

    it’s subtle but sharp. not boring, just quiet in its wrongness. that pig is going to die and i don’t personally think you need to see it – nor would i want to.

  5. great style, but depressing.

  6. Anonymous September 24, 2007

    How many times will we have to see an animal talking about boring shit…this has been done WAY too many times…quite boring I have to agree.

  7. Tired and Pissed Off September 24, 2007

    it doesn’t matter if he’s an animal or not. the gag works well. the design is very nice and for one BG and one character, the cuts are paced nicely and keep it from actually really being boring.

    of course, in this fast paced family guy world, I’d preferred the pig be cut in half with an ax wielded by a coked out time traveling 1970s Robin Williams who’s talked down by the Fonz who shows that drugs are UNCOOL – and hog is unkosher. then, coming to an understanding, the two could do the macarana or something hilarious and dated.

    …because more shit = more funny.

  8. What a complete pile of pig bohring shit! It just goes to show that bad taste abounds. Heartless needle dick horseshit! Go get the flu…

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