Atomic Cartoons Cartoon Crash

Crash Bandicoot, who began life on the original Playstation back in 1996, went on to become the 14th biggest selling game franchise.

And on October 2nd, his gaming legacy continues on a multi-platform title Crash of the Titans, an adventure game built by Sierra Entertainment. The game features a 2D Flash-animated intro that was produced by Atomic Cartoons. The 1-minute shadow puppet sequence moves beautifully.

According to Jeff Agala, the director at Atomic, the entire piece was animated in Flash and then brought into After Effects to “goose the shadow effects.”

Thanks to Neil LaPointe for the story tip.


  1. Ouuu-Weee!

    That’s some slick stuff! Especially the end bits.

  2. loosetoon October 11, 2007

    Michel Gagne’s “Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppet Theatre” looks to be some inspiration here, but this is well-done and stands on its own. Very nice.

  3. that’s great stuff!!
    who were the animators?

  4. Dagan Moriarty October 12, 2007

    really nice work! :)

    gonna go watch again!

  5. sadly, like alot of the previous “Crash” games, I doubt the game will be anywhere near as good and fun as the animation. :/

  6. TempleDog October 12, 2007

    Hate to confirm, ZSL, but, yeah…the doods at Radical Games did a damn good job with what they had. It plays solid, and the ability to take over other critters (the ‘Titans’ of the title) is very cool, but the lame-ass v.o.’s and dated characters REALLY drag the whole thing down. Still, it’s a solid 7, worth a weekend rental.

  7. Great animation!

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