Fatkat’s Space Knights Takes Detour to Teletoon

Fatkat, the 120-strong animation studio in New Brunswick, Canada, has just announced their inclusion in The Detour on TELETOON Pilot Project. Debuting in the Fall of 2008, the pilots are aimed at playing alongside Teletoon favorites like Robot Chicken and Tripping the Rift.

Fatkat’s submission, Space Knights, is an animated parody of superhero shows from the 90′s like Disney’s Power Rangers. The Fatkat blog explains that the series would follow “the misshapen adventures of the crime-fighting team who must battle bickering and in-fighting almost as much as the external foes they face.”


  1. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    Wow, they’ve really outdone themselves – for a concept that could have seen some remote success 8 years ago.

    Lame? I concur.

  2. oh dear, that taster has taken quite a pasting. certainly there is some contention as to whether this is worth watching. All anonymous though…. hmmmmm I thought everyone grew bigger balls on the internet

  3. Anonymous October 15, 2007

    ahh fair enough. Maybe a job that let’s you aire your views would be an improvement.
    There will no doubt be a great deal of ‘this is a bag of arse’ comments for this Space Knights project. This isn’t really my cup of tea and looks on the surface to be another nail in the coffin of [insert your particular crusade]. This type of thing does have a market, whether or not we frequenters of CHF believe it should. The reason it is good news is that it will enable a studio with great potential to keep on going and keep on creating.
    You can’t please everyone, I know that and the level of quality we all aspire to is seemingly in short supply here. There is light at the end of the tunnel my anonymous pals and it is moving closer all the time… we must percivere

  4. i’m just gonna make a safe assumption that anonymous is a disgruntled fatkat employee.

    either way there needs to be a fight over this to entertain us all.


    We can strap midgets to their heads and blindfold them like in Mad Max.

  5. hmm well I agree the animation is tweeny.It’s a pitch pilot, produced on the cheap I bet.

    It’s also detour/adultswim type show, and the lamer the animation style for those shows the better it seems….unfortunately for me as a good animation aficionado.
    name me one adult show that is well animated and a sucess.

    (the only one I can think of is venture brothers, and it’s limited, but well keyed)

    Adult shows:
    beavis & butthead
    south park
    Family guy
    harvey birdman
    space ghost
    odd job jack
    squid billies
    drawn together
    12 oz. mouse
    superjail ect.

    all “barb wire to the eyes” as a teacher of mine would say.

    John K tried to do well drawn depravity with “adult party cartoon” and it offended people to no end. because here’s the trick; If you put CRAFT in something irreverent and naughty, it falls flat, and your a perv for being too observant of things like camel toes.
    Look at that anime rape flash thing from a few months back…people were ready to lynch!
    but those effects were great, and it had an epic feel, but it also gave off the heebie jeebies.
    CRAFT is for the kiddies and moms.

    I’d love to be proven wrong, hell we’re all trying to make well done smart adult stuff. But if your going to cross the average taste line, why the hell impress frank and ollie too? Why revere something you’re taking the piss out of? maybe
    (quality*appeal)+adult writing ain’t a good equation.

    MOST adult viewers seem to like the bad art, it’s another level of funny I guess.
    execs maybe feel less threatened by an ugly style,”because the writing is most important.”

    It would be like an overtly handsome/beautiful comedian.We don’t relate as well, the delivery has to be “average joe”.

    and as far as the space nights go, it’s a parody of a design abortion, “the power rangers”
    the colours and effects are exact.

    Those 90s ritalin dreamcast FOXkids are going to keggers now. Detour is for them.

  6. Anonymous October 22, 2007

    Cowards we are not.

    “anonymous” should not be an issue.
    the point you’re missing mr.fowler is that we “the anonymous” are your audience.
    Why should we speak up and give you a direct name?
    You don’t know our name when we watch the show, so why should you know now?

    what matters is the feedback.

    Story is a valuable piece of a show. But in order for the show to be successful, it needs to be a decent story. From what I see, The reason that you seem to be so strong on story is because the art in your shows is weak. Your story argument strikes me as an excuse for bad art.
    A successful cartoon has a blend of story and art that work together, not against.

    It is because of people like you that we do not have decent stories on air with terrific art.
    You are the reason that we rarely ever get a fantastic merge of design and story.
    Like successful cartoons SHOULD be.

    and who knows successful cartoons better than animators?
    why not LISTEN to them instead of treating them like they don’t know cartoons and then running to your “lawyers and doctors” for ANIMATION feedback.
    Although i can see why you listen to them, they are so obviously skilled in the ways of animation. All those long years out at the prestigious National Lawyer and Doctor animation school.

    Good Luck to you as well Mr. Fowler.

  7. “This is something many young artists in the medium today don’t grasp. They’re all about how it looks and moves.”

    god forbid an animator give a shit about how something looks and moves.
    who do they think they are?!!
    i’ll tell ya who they’re NOT….they’re definatly not trained artists dedicated to making things look great and move fluidly.
    thats definatly what an animator is not.

    hell if i knew that to be an animator all i had to do was be a shitty writer, then i woulda saved a TON of money at school!

  8. Anonymous October 22, 2007

    As an animator, isn’t it my job to care about the quality of the ANIMATION? Scripts, sales… that’s someone else’s job. You shouldn’t threaten or insult the animators for caring about the ANIMATION. You should be glad that at least one part of this organization is fighting for that aspect of the show. It creates balance.

    As an employee, it does not endear me to you to see us called cowards. How many times do we hear “I sign your paychecks!” as a threat in the studio? It is very clear within the studio that those who speak out against the great Gene Fowler are not respected for their “courage”, but chastised for their disloyalty.

    You are surrounded by yes men. You are surrounded by employees who fear you and are too afraid to speak openly. You should be glad that everyone is either posting anonymously or keeping their mouths shut, otherwise you’d probably have to fire everyone. Then who would you have to animate your shitty cartoons?

  9. Anonymous October 22, 2007

    As an ex-employee, I couldn’t agree more with the last post.

    On the subject of anonymous posts, some people, like myself, just want to leave a little note saying how they feel on the subject but don’t think that Fatkat’s downfalls are worth their time registering a blogger name, etc.

    Posting an anonymous comment does not make you a coward, lying to your employees does.

  10. My supervisor told me they use pirated software.

  11. As an employee, I have no problem saying I don’t agree with a lot of what Gene has said in his post. I am entitled to my opinion and I have no question that Gene knows and understands that. It isn’t something I will be fired for. Comment sections like this are created so that everyone and anyone can voice there own opinion. Anonymous or not, it doesn’t really matter.

    My concern is for these employees that are obviously extremely upset with the studio. What I don’t understand is why you are still working there. If you are honestly as angry as it seems in your posts, quit! There are several other jobs in the industry right now. It seems pretty foolish to be so upset with a studio AND still be working there.

  12. Anonymous October 23, 2007

    this is brutal. maybe y’all should lay off. it’s almost too easy. like shooting fish in a barrel.

  13. Kelly Cadaver October 23, 2007

    In regards to Lauren’s comment:

    It’s not that easy to just up and leave Fatkat, or any animation studio for that matter. Hell, it’s not that easy to leave any job that you worked to get.

    My boyfriend and I worked at Fatkat and he busted his ass for a while to get out of there. I also know a lot of good friends that once worked there and went through this same situation. And it’s not just Fatkat, it’s any studio or any career. You can’t leave a job and survive off of nothing. So it’s really not so easy as just saying “quit if you hate it so much”. If it were, we would have done it a lot sooner than we had.

  14. Anonymous October 23, 2007

    Wow! This is crazy stuff.
    My 2 cents:
    It’s not easy to leave a job, but it shouldn’t be that difficult either, start looking for another job at another studio, once you have one secured, give you 2,4, or 6 weeks notice, and leave, even if it’s in the middle of a contract, if you hate it there, then the “burning of the bridge” doesn’t apply, your experience that you’ve worked so hard to gain there will be appreciated elsewhere.

    As MurrayB said, many adult animated series are well written but have sub-par animation/art. Based upon this pilot/teaser, I fail to see where the “good stories & character development” is. I guess we’ll see if a full half hour ever gets done.

    A Final Thought… hehehehehehehe…
    “Fowler, has been dubbed the ‘Komeback Kid’ by animation insiders.”

    Taken from: http://telegraphjournal.canadaeast.com/business/article/104897

  15. Anonymous October 24, 2007

    Leaving Fatkat was the best thing I ever did! I see friends still there, some too broke to move (indicative of how little they pay)others too scared to take the leap. I wish I could convince them how much better things are on the other side!! There is a life after fatkat… a better life, with better pay and more appreciation. And there are other jobs – studios dying for animators! You have choices!!!

    Where is Gene in all this? Maybe he’s the coward now. (We know you’re reading, Gene! You’re too self-absorbed not to be.) Not that I blame you for keeping quiet… your last post seemed to make things worse. Does that happen often when you open your mouth?

  16. Anonymous October 24, 2007

    Holly crap, after reading all those posts this first one is freakin hilarious.

    “either way there needs to be a fight over this to entertain us all.


    and then the fight ensues.. haha.. ok. well, since i like sharing my opinions i shall do so here, first, my gene rant. Yes gene tends to be a bit squirmy and untrustworthy, his pay scheme sucks ass, most of the work fatkat does sucks, i hate the sense of humour that seems to be prevelent in the studio and in their attempted pitches, and he tends to take advantage of talented people (If you let him!) And it personally bothers me that he gets so much press coverage when the studios nearby are doing much better animation. Yet hes been enjoying major success for quite a while now, maybe he does deserve that award. or maybe the only reason the studio is alive is because the governent pays for most of his employees.

    All that being said. I worked there for 8 months, and i had a blast. I humored gene and his terrible jokes. (the “i sign your paycheck” threat mentioned ealier is just one such stupid joke, and the only people who take it seriously probably dont really get gene and his weirdness) i made lots of friends. and i basically never worked overtime. of course while i had an easy time i saw others around me toiling away like slaves. So it all comes down to the individual. some people really enjoy working there. Yes i have friends there right now who like it. Some people hate it. There are so many various projects, its a totally different experiance depending on which one your on. But in the end, dont bitch that its hard to move. It’s extremely easy, theres usually work elsewhere. Where im at now was begging for any animator out there for almost the whole year. and most studios in the maritimes are. It’s easy. And if you approach the situation right im sure you can manage quitting and moving and staying on good terms with the devil himself. I’ve been gone for a while now, and i almost kinda miss it, the pay sucked, but man, the rent was sooo cheap, the houses are sooooo cheap, the town is gorgeous, and the studio looks snazy. it’s a proven fact that the more you bitch about work the more your gonna hate it.

    so in short. these posts are fucking hilarious. and i mostly agree. this space knights show looks like crap, the writting sucks, the idea is old and unoriginal, and i know for a fact that there are much better ideas that the animators themselves at fatkat are coming up with. so how come this pile of garbage is actually getting money put into it when theres probably somthing better right at your feet. simple answer. its genes kinda humour, and gene does what gene likes.

    I’m just gonna sum it up outside all the problems and bitching. more animation jobs in the maritimes = good


    yes, i too am too lazy to get a stupid blogger account.

  17. Anonymous October 24, 2007

    Oh Jared, Jared, Jared… I really hope Gene is as understanding as he claims. Gene, here’s your chance to show how well you take criticism.

  18. Anonymous October 24, 2007

    yeah well, i already burned my bridge at huminah, might as well keep going. hah. oh, and speaking of which, compared to huminah, fatkat is amazing. Every studio has its issues, and it’s always gonna look greener on the other side, blah blah blah.


  19. Anonymous October 24, 2007

    Sounds like you guys need a staff meeting. From what I understand most of the employees who work there are straight out of the local animation school. When I first started working in the industry I had to work late nights and weekends for next to nothing because the quality of my work was poor so I had tonnes of revisions. Every scene I animated was almost a re-do. Schools don’t prepare you for the real job scenarios. I say stop your bitching and look for another job if it’s so bad. Move to Vancouver or Toronto to find work. My guess is that the people venting here don’t have the talent (yet) to work anywhere else. This is a saturated industry and unless your willing to work your ass off and pay your dues you will be unemployed. 95% of learning is on the job, not at school. Stick with it and things will only get better and you’ll have an easier time finding work at another studio. Until then, stop bitching about the problem and talk to your boss. Bring up the issues. He can’t fire everyone. Leaving anonymous posts and sabatoging a studio that gives the less experienced artists work who wouldn’t get hired anywhere else is pretty lame.

  20. Anonymous October 24, 2007

    Ignorant to the situation? It has nothing to do with ignorance my friend. It sounds like you need to grow a pair and talk to your boss about the situation. Your right, I haven’t worked at Fatcat. I’ve worked at about 10 different Canadian studios and I’ve worked for abusive owners and or producers. Did I whine about it on a blog and hope that my boss would read it and get the message? No, I talked the them in person and told them exactly how I felt about them. Most of the time they respected the fact that I had a pair. Those who continued to be abusive found themselves scrambling to find a new employee. Take action and do something about the problem. Bitching about it over a blog only makes you look like a fool.

  21. Honkbarn October 25, 2007

    They pay in green? Sign me up!!!

  22. OK, I’ve got to add my two cents, for a little perspective.

    I’ve worked at Fatkat since November 2006.

    Unlike most of the guys at work (average age: early twenties), I’m 38…which is great; it gave me my first ever mid-life crisis, and an appreciation for the speed with which the years are passing.

    Anyhow, I’ve worked in a few places, Bluth originally, then for a former Bluth accountant (a sociopath – let’s call him Todd Weinstein), then for Creative Capers in Glendale (making CD-Rom games for Disney Interactive), then working for about 5 years on my own site (idleworm.com – go, see, laugh, cry), then from 2004 until 2006 the Disney Internet Group.

    During that period, from 1988 – 2007, here are some of my career hi-lights:

    BLUTH: Weekly wages ~$150. Once worked for 4 weeks without pay. (“Hey guys, we can’t pay you, but if you keep working for nothing, we might be able to keep the studio on the road”). To be fair, they did (three months later), but had to lay off a few dozen people in the interim. That didn’t stop Don from buying a $100,000 ring and flashing it around (I didn’t see the ring myself, but that’s the story wot was told to me). If I’m wrong about this Don, then I’m sorry.

    TODD WEINSTEIN: This sociopath sent me off to China for 4 weeks in a desperate attempt to fix his screwed up educational project. Rats in hotel ceiling. No per diem pay. Billed me for the hotel room when I returned. I’d have been better off to stay in LA scratching my ass. When I quit, told me to be “more productive”. I laughed in his face. That bridge I burned to the ground. Years later Todd tried to get Disney Interactive to give him projects. I had a chat with a D.I. producer. Todd will never work in this town again.

    CREATIVE CAPERS: Great place to work; I’m very happy to have worked there (1995 – 1999). Terry Shakespeare and Dave Molina (the two Directors) had a “remove all fear” policy. It was the antithesis of the Bluth/Disney technique of making animators feel a constant fear for their safety. For some strange reason, my work really improved during this time. The hours were nuts, but the pay was great so we didn’t care.

    IDLEWORM (my website): I’m the greatest boss I’ve ever had. Fantastic sense of humour, flexible hours, unlimited web-porn priveleges. Hoping to work for me again soon.

    FATKAT: I didn’t move to Fatkat for the money. I wanted to get out of LA and spend some time in a small town. Money’s not spectacular, but it’s not heinous. Try working for Bluth for $150 – $250 a week (as an ANIMATOR) for the first three years, and we’ll talk shitty wages. On a slightly better than average Fatkat wage I’ve been able to save money. Granted, I’m not flying anywhere or driving – that’ll drain your bank account like a lawyer.

    When I began animating at Bluth I was struggling, like a lot of the guys at Fatkat now; Chuck Jones visited one day – all the animators had a sit-down with the old fart. I couldn’t go, as I was so far behind with my footage that I couldn’t afford the time. Now he’s dead. My mother was sick in hospital and I didn’t visit, as my scenes were late. Luckily, she’s still alive. You get the idea. Any new animator in any studio is going to have to sweat bullets.

    When I began at Fatkat, they threw a lot of work at me – no harm in trying I guess. I did it, got it done. No problem, as I was living out of a hotel, and it killed the time. It dropped off after 4 or 5 weeks, but picked up again when a cartoon about a Skunk came our way. I was also freelancing a very difficult penguin project at the same time – I was working 60 hours a week on the Skunk, and 40 hours a week on the Penguin. I was also drinking a pint of vodka a day to numb my body.

    Even without the freelance, I wasn’t interested in working 60 hours a week. 40 is my limit.

    What, gentle reader, did I, booze addled simpleton, do?

    I arranged a meeting with Gene, two of the producers and HR. Explained that my days of 60+ hours a week were long gone. I just wasn’t going to be physically or mentally do this work.

    And what happened next?

    40 hours a week is what happened next. Your mileage may vary. I was prepared to high-tail it back to LA or Ireland. Luckily, they had a project that had a 35 second quota that I was able to do in less than 40 hours.

    Now, I realise that my animation skills are a bit higher than most, and some of the newer employees may be learning the ropes. Nevertheless, if you’re having issues – and I know that there are valid complaints – well, try COMPLAINING about them, not letting them build up.

    When I worked at Bluth, older employees would tell me that “all studios are pretty much the same.” Well, yes and no. They’re all fucked up, but each in their own unique way. I’ve tried to reconcile the malicious portrait of Gene in some of these previous comments, and I can’t. Doesn’t mean they’re wrong, just means that I for one haven’t seen it. This isn’t me kissing ass, as anyone who knows me knows that I’m too busy preparing for the collapse of the global financial system and a global famine/energy crisis than trying to polish my work options. Google “Peak Oil” and ruin your day.

    Most of our work options in five or ten years time will involve planting turnips or pulling ploughs.

    I have seen the future, and believe me, we’ve got bigger fish to fry than TV cartoons.

  23. “I also believe the rookies in this industry have NO idea how hard they have to be working to keep their jobs and improve their skills… you really do need 20 years in before you can imagine a 40 hour work week.”

    First part correct; second, not so sure. There are too many variables…skill, training, project difficulty. I know people who routinely work 80 hours a week – talk to ANYONE who worked on the Simpsons movie.

    Working for the Disney Internet Group, I was struck by how many people worked long hours, with NO OVERTIME. However, even there, many were able to work less than 40 hours a week (I got away with 20, but don’t tell them that). It was a combination of luck and/or skill.

    Point being, there is nothing exceptional about many of the things that I’ve seen at Fatkat in terms of hours worked.

    You may accuse Gene of being “a crook”; I’ll say it a second time – I’ve seen nothing to substantiate such an allegation. I think my previous post was pretty clear on that. Please don’t try to co-opt your argument onto mine.


  24. Anonymous October 26, 2007

    It was not my intention to ‘co-opt’ your argument onto mine Dermot. You outlined your position very clearly.

    I guess the warning to all people who work for Fatkat, or are thinking of working for Fatkat, is the classic “where there’s smoke there’s fire” but I’ll update the phrase specifically for Gene… “WHERE THERE’S STINK, THERE’S AN ASSHOLE”

  25. Willy Ashworth October 26, 2007

    It is indeed a sad day for our industry when a studio head justifies a mediocre pitch by saying that the animation on Detour isn’t of the highest quality, so the studio’s pitch fits.

    Whatever happened to raising the bar, or trying to shoot for the stars, or frankly, trying to create something of value?

    There are many shows around that fit the bill where all talents converge to create the kind of series that showcases thoughful and clever animation and well told stories, that “give you a giggle”

    Creating a pitch is hard work, especially when most of them are done after work, away from any sort of budget, by animators who slavishly burn the midnight oil.

    Often, the studio gives these over worked pitchsters a small window in which to get this project over the finish line.

    All this, and a lack of leadership, vision and inexperience often add up to a pitch that falls flat to most of our eyes.

    I’ve seen it happen far too many times.

    But it can be done.

    Also, if you are not happy, at the place where you work, only YOU can make a difference. The old hoary statement ” if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem ” is still a good one.

    Take control of your own situation. Skulking online to express your disatisfaction, strikes me as cheap and cowardly.

    A face to face conversation is always the best way to express yourself in these situations.

    If indeed, you have tried to discuss your misgivings about your place of work with the proper authorities, and have been meet with indifference, then maybe it might be time to do one of two things.

    1. Have a long hard honest look at yourself, and how you fit within the studio. Analyze your talents, and be brutally honest about them. Is it time to pick up your socks and at least try to become a better animator? Why is your quota down? Of the 60 hours you might be working, how many of those are what I call “hollow’ hours…filled with minutes NOT DEVOTED TO THE PROJECT? Is there a time saving device of which you may not be aware? Again it comes down to talking to your peers, and trying to upgrade your game.

    There is a great Stanislavski quote…”LOVE THE ART IN YOUSELF….NOT YOURSELF IN THE ART”

    ..think about it.

    {A 40 hour work week is a goal, and one that is earned, in my opinion. I can give you a list of great animators I know, who all worked 60 hour weeks, or more early in their career, under terrible circumstances, because they wanted to grow, learn, and to be the best, but mostly because they LOVED the art form.}

    2. Devise a plan, and get the hell out. You are the master of your own universe and no one else. Any other rhetoric on the matter, is shear poppycock and prattle. YOU and you alone control your own destiny.

    What this industry need right now, more than just about anything, is young entrepeneurs.

    So, start your own studio, or create your own film, but for the sake of your own sanity, get off your ass, and move away from the video game, leave the pub and stop whining.

    Studios are all disfunctional. I might say that in 36 years of being in the biz, maybe 2 studios that I’ve worked at even came close to being perfect.

    It is the nature of the beast kids!

    More drawing…less kevetching.

    fatcat….lots of luck with your pitch, and I truly hope you are honest in saying that you will pick up the quality once this goes into production.

    One last word….Studios cannot exist without employees, and employees cannot exist without studios. Mutual RESPECT is the key.

    Happy employeess= happy studios.

  26. yowzer!
    Some pretty strong views here. I feel pretty bad for the anonymous posters who are actually at Fatkat right now. You guys should do something… say something. I really had no idea that there was so much more than the ususal ‘ah this sucks’. these views seem to be deep. I know that a great many of you guys are new to this work and a few things that may strike you as bad are actually par for the course, however regarding the man upstairs as a two face arse (that most exotic of deviace circus freaks) is entirely different. Life is far too short to do things that make you feel so bad. A great lesson to learn is that you can make a change in any aspect (not just this scenario of Fatkat studio) if you properly compose your thoughts and then pull the trigger in the right face or vote with your feet.
    I hope I am not regarded as a toady or misguided fool for thinking Gene is alright. either tell whoever that the situation sucks or tell them to fuck off.
    I have been asked to leave a great many places, handed in my notice, been beaten up by the boss, told folks to stick it up their arse, given a cheque and excorted off the premises, worked for people who never sent the money… it’s all bollocks looking back. i urge action not typing on a blog that isn’t even connected to the studio.

    sincerely, all the best

  27. Anonymous October 26, 2007

    ah the post that never ends. I think gene summed it up nicely. Which i kind of tried to convey, he has a weird sense of humour, don’t be afraid to insult him, i think he gets some kind of weird kick out of it. His wife probably wears tight leather and verbaly abuses him all the time.. heh.. or not.. so yeah. if hes taking advantage of you and you havent done anything about yet, i.e. talk to him, quit, get some other crappy part time job instead, whatever, it’s really your own fault. its like sitting in your house as it burns down around you complaining that the fire dept. hasn’t showed up yet to put out the fire. Get up and get the fuck out. It’s easy. i found a job, and moved in a week, from fatkat. and if your animation isnt good enough to get a job somwhere else, then you definitly have no excuse to bitch, or if there are no other jobs anywhere else to be had, then be happy you HAVE a job. Suck it up, stick it out, and get the experience.


  28. Anonymous October 26, 2007

    Very dissapointing arguements. I was hoping there would be posts on here about Space Knights, I am sadly dissapointed.

    I haven’t been around the block in the industry, but I know what I like. And I like the home I’ve made at this studio.

    The long hour arguement can be made about any studio. I’ve worked longer hours at the last studio I worked at, and I left before alot of people there did every night.

    Gene’s a crook? That one seems to be fishing for support to random claim. If he ever is charged, I may dignify that comment with a response.

    I remember the months i’ve spent sitting in my apartment on the phone to every studio within city limits hunting for a job, when they all ran out of work and laid everyone off. When they lost projects, or ran out of money on a project. Fact is I don’t worry about those anymore, and that’s thanks to Gene and the team he has in place.

    It seems alot of the posters wishing to remain nameless have personal problems with Gene and his Studio, which is fine. But personal opinions don’t define facts. Are the hours here long? Depends on what the studio you’re currently working at’s hours are, and the work you are responsible for. Is the pay unfiar? Depends on what the studio you’re currently working at’s pay is, and the work you are responsible for.

    No matter where you go somthing will piss you off about the place you left obviously, as we can all see from above. In all honesty I’m sure every poster here could say somthing they dislike about another studio they’ve worked at, it’s a fact of life.

    And as for the anonymous posters, it is cowardly to leave you name out of it, if you’re going to make a personal attack against someone. You don’t seem to have a problem typing G-E-N-E, and calling him out on a post.

    I’ll tell you all how I feel about it: Sad for you, I think it’s called pitty. You obviously didn’t stand up at FatKat when you had a chance, so now you fire away at a distance, the big bad Gene might get you … sad really.

    And as for in house guys posting on this site, I doubt it. Probably someone who did work here, didn’t get their way, then left, and claims they still work here to make the studio fit the above stories. For all we know ‘anonymous’ could be the same person every time.

    Oh but if we leave our names out of it the studios we’re working at currently won’t get mad at us….

    cow·ard (kou’ərd)
    One who shows fear in the face of danger or pain.

    If the shoe fits, you know where to put it.

    And if you have a problem with my views, stop by and say hello.

    Ryan Keizer (not a regular blogger)

  29. Ah puppies… the same old anonymous yipping.
    “I’m anonymous cuz I don’t wanna lose my job.” What a load of shit.
    A lame-ass statement of that ilk begs the question…. If you are so terrified of your all powerful overlord boss, that you are afraid of losing your job for voicing your opinion, then why are you still in the employ of such a monster? (Incidentally, it’s been my experience that Fatkat is a very open studio that actively encourages dialogue between all levels of employees. There are regular staff meetings where everyone is asked to air any grievances/concerns/ideas, etc.)
    Surely your delicate sensibilities, and great moral outrage should have manifested itself in a move to a kinder, gentler studio, where everyone agrees with you and no one dismisses your vapid ideas.
    I’ve got the feeling that most/all of the bravely anonymous comments stem from a very shallow work experience pool.
    Try workin’ in the biz for more than five minutes THEN you’ll maybe have somethin’ worth runnin’ yer mouth about.
    In the meantime, Anonymous, take solace in the cooling shade cast by your giant, computer generated balls. But don’t get too complacent, sooner or later whingeing little shites like you are forced out from behind their mother’s sheltering aprons, into the blazing heat of the real world and shrivel up like the lame dicks they are.

    That being said…
    Anonymous = COWARD. Plain and simple.
    For as a wise man once said… ” Fuck you! Chickenshit!”

  30. Krazy stuff!

    I must say Willy Ashworth, Jared, and Dermont raised the best points about the industry in general and about a career in animation in general.
    For those of you that have been in the industry for under 24 months; I say read those comments a couple times, and follow that direction, the rest will take care of itself, and you’ll be fine no matter where you are.

    Can someone start a blog like the one suggested? It doesn’t have to be all negative, just re-counting stories. It might be considered cruel and cowardly by some, but probably theraputic to the artists regaling stories of yesteryear about the crazy deadlines, impossible projects, and insane productions they had to do. It could be interesting, Dermont’s tales alone about Bluth/Disney and all that are nuts but unsurprising.

    Let me know when that blog is up, any suggestions for titles? : )

  31. Wow.
    I had spent some time writing up this big reply to all of this and then I realized how pointless that would be.
    Space Knights is funny and I could care less if it was done in clay or flash. It’s going to be fun to work on.
    As far as the rest of this pointless banter( I don’t know what else to call it) good on you all for reminding me how little different we all are from the kids on the grade six playground.

  32. I like pie.

  33. This one time, I saw Gene Fowler eat a baby, while it was still alive! Then he wiped the blood and remains from his chin with thousand dollar bills!

    …I can only assume that he stole those thousand dollar bills from grandmothers and kittens, not particularly in that order.

    But the Space Knights do kind of suck… hehehe, sorry guys. Then again, what the hell do I know, I just draw pictures for a living.

  34. Anonymous October 26, 2007

    lol wow!
    I have worked at FatKat for over a year now and I love it. I have had my rough times here working my ass off, but I think it is worth it.
    I have never had a problem with Gene, I like my Fatkat family enough to buy a house here. Yeah with the money I make here(so if your totally broke try looking at your spending budget!!) I used to save up enough money to move where ever my next job would take me, worried about how long the next contract would last and if my boyfriend and I would get a job in the same city. No worries now, I know I have a job to go to and a paycheck comming (some studio’s around here don’t even have that comfort) I have made complaints to Gene when I felt I needed to and he NEVER, ever threated my job!! (the list ppl he ever fired or laid off is very short)He listened to my problems and did, what I feel, was his best to help me out.
    All families have their fights, but I don’t think this is the place for it, you can at any time voice your concerns to Gene without worry of your jobs, I have and I am still here.

    Happy little FaTKaT,


  35. Ron for a title I humbly suggest:

    If you folks are working at fatkat, jebus, get out before ya’ll go postal.Unless your chained to your desks, We’ll send john rambo.

    You make your own happy.
    do that “one thing” like the movie city slickers.
    CARPE deim, shine on you crazy diamonds.

    Gene’s farts smell really bad, I’ll give you that. burning cabbage!
    STANK indeed.

  36. Aaron Simpson October 26, 2007

    i think this has gone on long enough, folks. i don’t really see any good coming of this brawl, so i’m shutting it down. if you must, carry on in the message boards.

  37. WTF is space knights i don’t know, and I’m doing a kindergartener story for a kindergartener at school, and it is his favorite toy

    F*** u c***heads

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