Halloween Flash Animation Treats By the Bagful

Happy Halloween from Cold Hard Flash! As usual, the animation community has delivered a sackful of animated treats for our viewing pleasure. Thanks to several of you who submitted (and posted in the comments below), we’ve got a bumper crop this year.

First is Jibblies 2, this year’s Homestar Runner Halloween short.

Your second Flash-animated Halloween treat is from Happy Tree Friends. This 1-minute episode is titled Boo Do You Think You Are?

Okay, one more Halloween episode from Happy Tree Friends – here’s Out of Sight, Out of Mime:
The gang at Two Animators created this little Halloween short for your ghoulish pleasure:
This Yo Gabba Gabba! “jingalong” may not have been created in Flash, but I’ll post it nonetheless. The song, which I absolutely love, is titled It’s Halloween and it’s by I, Monster, and the animation is by Kluncklick.
And here’s a Halloween episode from the Flash-animated series Edgar & Ellen – it’s Trick or Twin.
And if you still haven’t had enough Halloween animation, head over to Mike Adair’s site for a quick animation scare, and Alex Savin created a funny Halloween loop that’s worth checking out.


  1. Anonymous October 31, 2007

    Don’t forget the ever-popular, Homestar Runner annual Halloween toon. I suppose it’s a given now.

  2. Ramiro Olmos October 31, 2007

    I made 13 flash shorts that I released independently on Newgrounds and other websites. Releasing them one by one until today, and I also put them all together at this link


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