Mike Young and Gamania Partner on Hero: 108

Mike Young Productions is behind Cartoon Network UK’s newest Flash-animated series – Hero: 108. The action series is a partnership with Gamania Digital Entertainment, who are one of the largest publishers of online multi-player games in Asia. So you can bet that this property will be revealed in an interactive format before long.

The series was created by Phoenix Tarng who is party of Gamania’s in-house team, and it was based on a Chinese novel titled The Water Margin. I’ve found reference to both 11-minute and 22-minute episodes, and the latest release date I’ve seen is Fall 2008.


  1. Gene Fowler October 20, 2007

    I really dig the look and feel. I believe this was a project under Rita Street’s banner at Radar Cartoons before she made the leap to MYP.

    I love Rita, she’s fantastic. Great ideas outta that woman.


  2. This animation’s original design is from Taiwan.http://www.gamaonmyback.com/main_108.htm

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