New Fuel TV Series Comes in On Low Tide

Back in early 2006, CHF posted about The Mustache Contest, a Flash-animated short that wound up playing a The HBO Aspen Comedy Festival, the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival and the grandaddy of them all – Annecy.

Mike Hollingsworth, the animator and director of the short, recently teamed up with Fuel TV (Fox’s action sports network) to deliver a new animated series. Low Tide aired on Fuel TV’s Stupidface block, an hour-long collection of cartoons, parodies and sketch comedy. Here’s an episode titled Prom Dates.

Head over to MySpace to watch more episodes.


  1. Mike Hollingsworth October 26, 2007

    Low Tide also features the VOICES of several terrific flash animators. In this episode we have Joey Adams as the Killer Whale, Anna Gallaspy as Bryan the Starfish’s date and Danforth France as Herman the Whale.

    Add Low Tide as your MYSPACE friend!

  2. sweet. music, style, voices, concept, pacing… everything. real cute good stuff

  3. Honkbarn October 28, 2007

    Sea-whore! Haha. This is great stuff Mike. The voice acting/writing is solid and I love the simplicity of the design.

  4. the low tide gang rules! i can’t believe it’s playing on a sports channel… but it’s seriously THAT freaking good! you could put this on any channel and people would love it.. it doesn’t even need to fit with the channel’s regular programming, you’d have to be insane to not appreciate the low tide gang’s genius.. no, actually insane maniacs would probably even like it more than normal people.. GREAT job mr. hollingsworth!

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