On-Air El Tigre Storyboard Pitch

Okay, Sean Szeles is officially the Flash artist of the week. In his second appearance on CHF in five days, Sean stars in an on-air El Tigre promo on Nickelodeon. Sean wrote up the experience over on his blog, and below you can see the :30 assembly of a storyboard pitch he led in front of his team. Keep your eyes peeled for show creators Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua in the clip along with other El Tigre team members like Gabe Swarr.


  1. Jeremy Bernstein October 26, 2007

    He speaks He speaks!!! That Sean is an amazing artist. And his hair is legendary in the animation industry.

  2. I had the pleasure of an all-too-brief email conversation with Sean back in the spring as I tried to wrangle him into contributing to my book – he’s a genius!

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