Shorts Shorts From Gabba Gabba

A few weeks back, we posted Yo Gabba Gabba! shorts from Hobo Divine and Parker Jacobs. Here’s two more Flash-animated clips from Nick Jr.’s new show to keep you busy.

Joel Trussell, the Knoxville-based animator/director behind War Photographer, put his stamp on This Is What The Summer Brings.

Nick Cross, a Canadian animator, created Kites Are Fun:

Over on his blog, Cross is walking us through the process by which he produced this clip. First up, Pre-production.


  1. :: smo :: October 1, 2007

    i’d love to work on gabba gabba! i used t give the aquabats my reel at their shows, but i couldn’t move to la when it all started. LAME!

    *cough*if anyone needs help on a gabba gig lemme know!*cough*

  2. kongobot October 1, 2007

    Nick, thanks for posting the behind the scenes on your blog. I am stunned you produced such a beautiful animation in one month.

    Dig that crazy sun, Joel! Awesome work!

    And I’m with ::smo::, I’d jump at the chance to work on Yo Gabba Gabba.

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