VanGaalen Animates For Holy F*ck

Chad VanGaalen is a musician from Calgary, Alberta, but his artistic talent doesn’t stop there. As discussed here at CHF about a year ago, VanGaalen is an illustrator who designs his own cover art and animates his music videos. His latest animation, however, is for another band – Holy F*ck. It appears as if this is Flash-animation mixed with stop-motion – and the track is titled Milkshake.


  1. TempleDog October 18, 2007

    Looks like a combo of wash on paper, paper cutout puppets and good ol’ flash. Actually, it looks like a compilation trailer more than a straight video…like it was comprised of a whole bunch of previous work. There’s a great animators collective in Calgary called the Quickdraw Animation Society, BTW…don’t know if VanGaalen is a member, but check ‘em out anyhoo!

  2. :: smo :: October 19, 2007

    a friend recently showed me chad’s album and the videos on the cd! it’s really awesome stuff and so is this!!!

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