Zombies Invite You to Star in JibJab’s Latest

Not surprisingly, JibJab’s Halloween humor is politically-skewed this year. The California-based Flash animation team has released two new Starring You shorts, which allow users to upload their own photos – essentially ‘casting’ the short. Both sides of the beltway aisle have something to laugh at here with two zombie-themed shorts – Night of the Living Democrats or Night of the Living Republicans. I’ve chosen to cast felines again, and have titled this one Night of the Living Demo-cats.


  1. oh man… i wish i thought of that title! Thanks for helping to get the word out!

  2. Tim Hodges October 19, 2007

    Not as clever as the old Jib Jab stuff. I feel like Job Jab has taken two steps backwards since the last presidential election…they’re kind of like Republicans.

  3. Nice job guys…really well done…keep up the good work!

  4. Has anyone seen the viral tags site? They’ve been doin that stuff for a while. They do it all in flash, I think. They have quite the library of things to play with. It’s crazy easy too. I think it’s like viraltags.com or something.

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