Three Legged Legs and Quaife Amp It Up

Three Legged Legs is a “directorial studio” in Santa Monica that just can’t seem to do anything bad. Not that they’re trying, but I just know when I click on a link to their work – I need to get a napkin ready for the drool. They did the GE Samurai commerical, the eco-minded, short film Humans! and more recently a gorgeous color-explosion for Havaianas.

More recently, the formidable artists at Three Legged Legs teamed up with BBDO for Mountain Dew’s Amp Energy Drink. They produced three :15 second spots in 5 weeks – all traditionally animated, and they were smart to bring on a very special CHF’er – Kathleen Quaife. Her effects animation really stands out in these pieces, and she was proud to announce that she drew a great deal of the water, fire, lightening and smoke in Flash. The majority of the production was actually completed in Toon Boom and finished in After Effects, with the traditional animation drawn right into the computer with Wacom tablets. Congrats to the 3LL team, creative director Casey Hunt and to the other animators Eric Benson, Jahmad Rollins and Dylan Spears.


  1. animonger November 1, 2007

    Holly Snikes! Great look, great animation and as always, amazing effects Kathleen!

  2. TempleDog November 1, 2007

    Phark me, that’s sexy! Stop-frame it and check out the lovely hand-drawn wipes on the Mocross guy. Luv the camera swing around when he launches the rock, and the timing is soopoib. More, dammit!

  3. Gene Fowler November 2, 2007


  4. Stephen Studios November 2, 2007

    see… flash CAN do traditional animation! And pretty incredible of a job at that!

  5. Dave Wolfe November 2, 2007

    Nice job Kathleen, your work never fails to impress :)

  6. Rob Bekuhrs November 5, 2007

    Ting o’ beauty, boss, I’m impressed but never surprised at the high mark you set. Great to see you’re thriving on flash, and elsewhere, Kathleen.

  7. Barry J. Kelly November 8, 2007

    I friggin’ love these. They look fantastic.

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