Guillermo Garcia Carsi

Guillermo Garcia Carsi, the director of the European preschool series Pocoyo, is also an active animator. His shorts are abstract, musically-driven Flash pieces, which challenge the viewer to piece together the narrative. After long holds on single frames, Carsi will erupt into spasms of animation, sound and movement.

Carsi, who is based in Madrid, recently updated his website and posted 10 shorts, two of which he’s sharing with us today.

Below is Que Pena:

And here is Enjoy or Suffer:


  1. :: smo :: December 4, 2007

    that fox animation is fantastic! i laughed a lot! i love how sort of sarcatically artful it’s presented, and the tear really cracked me up!

  2. Honolulu Dogfight December 5, 2007

    The sketches and character design stuff on his website are insanely good. I stared for awhile.

  3. This guy is pure genius.

  4. Oh nooooo! I love foxes…. But great work I like the music and how it fits so well with the pictures.

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