Campion Opens the Animation Door

Pascal Campion, the most prolific artist you may ever meet, is re-opening the door.

Several months back, Campion animated a Bill Plympton-esque exploration of what could happen while attempting to walk through a door.

Today he returned to the door jam, animating another attempt, and the results are equally as fun and frenetic.



  1. TempleDog January 11, 2008

    No slouch here! Any idea of his technique? Are any of Wacom’s fine fine products involved? Either way, it’s nice to see some fun ‘stream of consciousness’ experimental stapstick.

  2. Everything Pascal makes is great.

  3. Stephen Studios January 11, 2008

    This is very good.. The timing isn’t too great until he bangs on the door with both hands, then it gets amazing. The timing seems off to me in the beginning. As far as the idea, its a very cool one.

  4. What a fun disaster. “How to Kiss”… with a door. The element of suprise is SO important!

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