Cold Hard Flashback: South Park Creator’s Princess

For as unimpeded as their Emmy award winning show seems, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker actually run into a fair amount of censorship issues. Back in 2006 the pair were prohibited from showing an image of Mohammed in the aptly titled two-part episode Cartoon Wars. Then there was the Tom Cruise dust-up regarding the Trapped in the Closet episode, after which Parker said in an ABC interview “as soon as we can’t make the show we want to make, we’re not going to make it anymore.”

Back in 2001 we may have seen a precursor to what could follow the end of South Park - Princess. This 2-episode series was
commissioned by Shockwave, a division of Macromedia (now owned by Adobe), intended for online distribution. The Flash-animated shorts were part of a reported $2 million dollar deal for Parker and Stone, which was summarily torn up after a screening by the Shockwave executives.

The shorts eventually leaked out, and you can view them below. You’ll also see a short documentary from the Trio Network on how this brief animated series came to life. The two episodes are extremely graphic – and surely NOT SAFE FOR WORK (masturbation, animated sex and violence).


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  1. haha I remember seeing these on ebaums world a long time ago.
    they are still great

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