Cold Hard Relaunch!

The People’s Republic of Cold Hard Flash has been reconstituted! Our latest face lift was a collaborative effort that’s been in the works since (gulp) Fall 2007. The design and animation maestro known as Jez Hall set the tone with a mascot design. Meet ‘Federov,’ a cosmonaut bear named after one of my favorite hockey players – Sergei Federov. Just looking at Jez’ blog, I knew he was the right guy for the job, but then I saw this post of Russian-influenced design, and my jaw nearly dropped. The guy is simply a wizard. Behold his design exploration for Federov…

The site was designed and built by a fantastic company called Dizzain, who I can’t say enough about. I highly, highly recommend sending your web design business their way. They have a special skill set for WordPress blogs, but they’re well equipped to handle all types of website design and production. Thanks to the entire team – especially to Nicole, who answered my every question with calming expertise.

And a pair of shout-outs for Sean McKenzie and Kathleen Quaife, who helped immensely in the design and production phases. They’ve also been two of the more involved community members, and I can’t thank them enough.

As you may have noticed, it’s still a little dusty around here. We’re still fixing bugs, uploading content and applying the finishing touches. But when we get there, this new site will set the platform for an amazing ride. I’ve got some excellent interviews in the works, a huge animation launch under way and the Flash animators of the world are growing by the thousands.

Thanks for joining me on this site for over 3 years, and for many great years to come!


  1. Fantastic new look! Go Bears!

  2. Nice new site man! It looks much more mature. Not too crazy about the shades of beige. Looks alittle on the dull side, but overall man, I think this is a much better version than you had.

  3. No Aaron, thank you! The site looks great!

  4. congrats! it looks great!

  5. Nice revamp!! Let the revolution continue on in 2008!

  6. Congrtas on the relaunch dude! Took us by surprise we must say but everything looks awesome!

  7. Jorge Gutierrez January 26, 2008

    Awesome new look Aaron!!!
    You are the patron saint of the Flash community.
    And this is our new cathedral!

  8. :: smo :: January 26, 2008

    great new site!!! love the bear too!!! thanks for all the work you put in here, it’s awesome!

  9. Nothing goes better with flash then a healthy dose of Russian Futurism. Congrats dude.

  10. The new site looks fantastic, Aaron. Congratulations to you and the team.

  11. Congratulations on the re-launch, Comrade Aaron! I look forward to more Flash goodness to launch from this site into the hearts of Capitalists everywhere!

  12. What the!? The sites all backwards now, I feel lost…..Good job Aaron!

  13. looks great man!

  14. Congratulations…looking sharp. Now the flash world needs to up the ante!

  15. Studio Camara January 26, 2008

    My God !! This is fantastic !

    Good work Aaron !!

  16. Whoooaaaa. Spiffy!

  17. nice!
    looks great!

  18. The site is decked out in my favorite colors! Beige, dark green, and dark red!
    My eyes sing and dance and explode with joy!

  19. Ah-HAH!! THIS is why I couldn’t access the site yesterday. It’s gone bigger, better, and hairier! When can I get my own Federov plushie? I know that’s next on your list! Keep up the good work, Aaron.

  20. In the wise and sage words of Sasha from Bratz the new website is “scorchin’” and possibly even “super stylin”

  21. Drew Newman January 26, 2008

    Bears! That’s all it takes to win me over. More bears!

  22. Splendid! Hands down winner best looking animation site on the net! Thanks!

  23. Wow – amazing look and feel – great job!

  24. Killer logo!!

  25. I love the new look comrades

  26. Nice job!
    looks great
    jez is the bez!

  27. Congratulations Aaron, the site looks fantastic.
    Long live the republic!

  28. Hot and sexy, Aaron! Love the bear.

  29. I love the new look Aaron, and that bear mascot kicks ass!

  30. Aaron, the new look is awesome, but I wouldn’t discard those earlier character sketches completely! Some of those would make excellent logos for shirts, calenders, etc! The second one would make a shirt design I would definitely purchase. (Assuming you carried them in my size).

  31. Very nice!!
    Thank you daddy…

  32. very cool redesign. congrats!

  33. pwetty!

    thank you again for all of the great work you do for the community! huzzah!

  34. The new design looks great! A nice new start for the new year.

  35. I love the new look. The bear looks awesome. However the ads are a drag. the top banner? Come on!

  36. Awesome drawings and awesome relaunch

  37. Love it love it love it!

  38. P.S. We need Federov shirts and plushies. Now.

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