McLeod Brothers Assemble Pedro & Frankensheep

Myles and Greg McLeod, otherwise know as The Brothers McLeod (pronounced “MacCloud”), have teamed up Philip Cooper and BBC Childrens to create a new animated series. Pedro & Frankensheep is the brainchild of Philip Cooper at BBC Childrens and the series features a big-brained guinea pig and his patchwork pal Frankensheep as they set out on various scientific misadventures. The Brothers McLeod were heavily involved in the show – sharing the writing with Cooper, as well as designing and directing the series. The brothers even composed the music. Ten episodes were created and released exclusively online.

Nick Wade joined the brothers on the animation front. You can watch more episodes at the CBBC, but only if you live in the UK.

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  1. kongobot January 17, 2008

    Great fun! The writing and animation is first rate! Hopefully Pedro and Frankensheep will end up on a channel stateside.

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